Cordyceps Benefits and Uses

Cordyceps Benefits and Uses | HealthSoul

Cordyceps are a rare type of mushroom that can be found in East Asia. Unlike the mushrooms found in supermarkets, cordyceps are consumed mainly for health and medical reasons rather than for their flavor.

This unique mushroom has become one of the latest health food trends thanks to its rich combinations of nutrients. Products such as Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules and cordyceps powders have also made it much easier to access this healthy fungus in western cultures.

Why have cordyceps mushrooms become so popular, and can they improve a person’s health and fitness?

What Are Cordyceps?

Mushrooms are typically eaten for pleasure and have a rich taste that makes them great as a meat substitute. On the other hand, Cordyceps mushrooms have a much milder flavor and are rarely found in western dishes.

Cordyceps mushrooms are used for their rich nutritional value and have been used in East Asian cultures for centuries as an herbal remedy. Cordyceps mushrooms are often referred to as a functional food packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Cordyceps have a very distinct appearance as a result of the way that they grow and develop. The fungi’s unusual growth pattern starts when they take over the bodies of young insect larvae. The larvae are transformed into caterpillar-funk hybrids.

The fungi grow in clumps, creating many worm-like heads sticking out of the ground at once, reaching towards the sun. When picked, the fungi’s root looks much like a piece of string hanging from the body of the mushroom.

The result of this strange growth process is a fungus that has more of a long and narrow appearance than a traditional mushroom. The fungi take on an orange-brown color making them stand out in the wild. When harvested and dried, cordyceps turn a deep brown, making them look slightly more like roots.

Where Do Cordyceps Grow?

Cordyceps mushrooms grow mainly within the Himalayan foothills of Western China and Tibet. It used to be common to find the fungi growing in the wild and was often harvested by locals familiar with its health benefits.

In recent years, though, cordyceps mushrooms have become increasingly popular outside of East Asia. As a result, the fungi have been over-harvested and are now extremely difficult to find in the wild.

Most of the cordyceps products that can be purchased today are derived from cultivated varieties of the mushroom. The prestigious reputation that cordyceps mushrooms have gained in recent years has driven up their price. Cordyceps supplements are often considered a luxury health product, which tends to be reflected in their cost.

Top 3 Health Benefits Linked to Cordyceps

Cordyceps mushrooms are packed with essential nutrients that the body needs, making them an excellent supplement for a healthy diet. Alongside the myriad of vitamins, minerals, and proteins contained with the mushroom cordyceps also provide complex carbohydrates.

The main carbohydrate found in cordyceps mushrooms is polysaccharides which are believed to offer several health benefits when eaten regularly. Here are just a few reasons why cordyceps mushrooms have become so popular as a natural wellness product.

#1 Natural energy boost

One of the main benefits that have been linked to cordyceps is the small energy boost that they provide. For this reason, cordyceps mushrooms are often used to help people who suffer from fatigue.

One study, in particular, found that using cordyceps as a herbal supplement daily can improve a person’s energy levels. Cordyceps products such as powders and capsules can easily be incorporated into most popular breakfast dishes providing a motivating burst of energy to help start the day off right.

#2 Immune support

It is thought that the polysaccharides in cordyceps contain enhancing properties and that cordyceps supplements can be a simple yet effective way to maintain a healthy immune system.

A number of other compounds found within cordyceps, such as cordycepin, are also believed to support the body’s immune response. Cordycepin has a similar chemical structure to adenosine which is one of the critical components in human cells.

#3 Enhance fitness levels

Cordyceps mushrooms have become one of the latest trends among athletes looking to enhance their health using natural remedies. The rich blend of proteins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and polysaccharides all come together to make cordyceps mushrooms an excellent fitness supplement.

Imbibing cordyceps before a workout can help to boost energy levels and motivation for a successful and rewarding training session. Even post-workout, the benefits of cordyceps mushrooms may be useful, promoting recovery in overworked areas of the body.

How to Use Cordyceps

Finding Cordyceps mushrooms is not as hard as many people think. Most health food stores sell cordyceps in the form of capsules and powders that can be added to foods. Both of these methods make it incredibly easy to work Cordyceps mushrooms into everyday life without actually having to make dietary adjustments.