Common Things to do to Maintain a Healthy Back

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There’s a reason why the most integral part of anything is called its “backbone.” When you’re able to maintain a healthy back, you’re able to enjoy a higher quality of life and better mobility. Find out how you can use everyday objects to keep your spine in peak condition.

Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Back

Back pain, loss of motion, stiffness and tightness can make you feel like you’re on the sidelines of life, especially when these symptoms keep you from doing things you once enjoyed. While some deterioration over time is inevitable, there are still plenty of ways you can work to maintain a healthy back longer and more productively without investing in expensive specialized gear.

  • Water –One of the most commonly available items you can use to maintain a healthy back, water allows you to stay hydrated, so all your systems are functioning properly. Getting plenty of water means elasticity of soft tissues, maintaining fluid joints and potentially staving off herniated disks. Because disks become brittle due to fluid loss over time, they’re more prone to rupture as we age. Make sure you stay hydrated, and you’ll be doing your entire body a favor.
  • Shoes –You may always want to put your most fashionable foot forward, but you’re not doing your spine any favors if your shoes don’t offer the right support for your lower back. Comfortable, supportive shoes help you maintain a healthy spine, but they also encourage another simple, easy way to promote spine health: walking. Taking a walk helps strengthen core muscles and helps reduce the load on your lumbar disks. Sitting increases the load on those disks substantially.
  • Time –It may seem like there’s never enough time in the day, but it’s important to set aside frequent breaks to move around, especially if you have existing back pain, stiffness or tightness. Taking a few minutes after an hour of sitting or standing to move freely can reduce those uncomfortable sensations.
  • Exercise –Whether it’s an exercise plan you’ve developed with a care provider or a series of light stretches, exercising is vital for everyone. While back pain and stiffness does place limitations on how vigorously and strenuously a person can work out, stretching, walking and light exercise to strengthen core muscles play a significant role in maintaining good spinal health.

Protecting Your Spine with Customized Treatment

Whether you’re dealing with an injury, chronic pain or a degenerative condition, chiropractic therapy can provide significant reductions in pain and inflammation, increased mobility and a better range of motion through treatment plans customized to your unique needs. As your partner in musculoskeletal health, a chiropractor can help promote proper alignment and function through spinal manipulation therapy, exercises you can do at home and plenty of tips on how to keep your back as healthy as possible throughout your life.

For many patients, chiropractic therapy makes it possible to take an active role in living and to enjoy favorite hobbies longer. Exploring this non-surgical, prescription-free treatment course may be one of the best ways to maintain a healthy back.