Can an Osteopath help with Fatigue?

Can an Osteopath help with Fatigue? | HealthSoul

Everyone is tired from time to time. A hard day’s work (this can be both physical and mental) can cause Fatigue. Usually a few hours of rest, a good and healthy meal and a night of good sleep is enough to make you feel fit and energetic again. However, if you suffer from Chronic Fatigue for a longer period, if the Fatigue does not go away and/or it prevents you from functioning properly, it means there is a severe underlying health problem. In that case, be sure to make an appointment with your Doctor and additionally an holistic Osteopath.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of complementary medicine that focuses on treating physical conditions and promoting general well-being through manual techniques. It is based on the concept that the body has a self-healing mechanism and that disturbances in the body’s structure and function can lead to health problems.

Osteopaths use their hands to examine the body, identify strains and limitations and then apply manual techniques, such as manipulation and mobilization of joints and tissues, to help restore the body’s natural movement and balance. Osteopathy can be used for a wide range of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, digestive problems and more.

Causes of Fatigue and Lack of Energy:

There are several causes for Fatigue and energy problems. Most commonly they are one of the following.

Thyroid problems:

A slow-functioning thyroid can lead to excess Fatigue due to a disrupted metabolism. Make sure to let your doctor check your blood, stress and hormonal levels. Once your blood levels aren’t healthy anymore, you might need to take additional Thyroid Hormones to support your body temporarily or long-term.

In addition to that many patients benefit from a diet change, detoxification, stress management and lifestyle adaptation, to a more mindful and self loving approach.

Osteopathy can be an additional holistic approach to support your overall wellbeing and to restore hormonal balance and blood flow.

Adrenal depletion:

Chronic stress can lead to depletion of the adrenal glands, resulting in Fatigue and other symptoms. Please make sure to see a doctor ideally an endocrinologist to get yourself properly diagnosed and checked.

Diet and lifestyle changes, especially working on your stress management, for example with yoga, meditation or mindfulness practices can be very beneficial for parents with adrenaline Fatigue.

Osteopathy can be a helpful addition to your medical treatment. Osteopathy can focus on restoring the HPA axis, allowing the adrenal glands to recover and energy to return.

Impact of nutrition on Fatigue:

Food intolerances can also cause Fatigue symptoms. Holistic Doctors or Naturopaths offer tests such as the NutriGen DNA test and Gut Microbiome test to identify foods that are suitable for your body and to detect intolerances. In order to create a unique diet and nutrition that suits your specific needs best.

What happens in your body when you are tired?

When your body and mind suffers from Chronic Fatigue, your mitochondria, the main energy centers of our body aren’t functioning properly anymore, deactivate or die more easily. So the whole body isn’t getting enough oxygen and nutrients that it needs, so your inner cells literally are depleted and empty.

Often the mobility of organs, spine, skull or connective tissue is then disturbed, too. Organs or connective tissue will function less effectively. In such a case, the organs or tissue will absorb the wrong nutrients – or absorb good nutrients to a lesser extent (intestines) – and not properly remove waste products from the body (lungs, kidneys, liver and intestines). As a result, the body becomes acidic, which in turn leads to further deterioration of the quality of connective tissue. In turn, movement becomes more difficult, requires more energy and causes pain.

If the spine is not functioning properly, due to joint blockage, too many stimuli are entering the brain. This overloads it, which can also leads to Fatigue.

Extreme fatigue can find its cause in a variety of systems in the body, such as:

  • an overload of the liver and kidneys;
  • impaired bowel function and endocrine system;
  • decreased mobility of the skull bones;
  • vision and hearing problems;
  • impaired function of the heart;
  • decreased mobility of the chest;
  • a strained diaphragm;
  • emotional tension;
  • poor sleep.

Nutrition also plays an important role in energy management. Poor nutrition or food to which you are intolerant can also cause Fatigue. Too much or too little food also causes Fatigue symptoms, as well as your drinking habits.

What osteopathy can do for you if you experience Fatigue

Because so many systems can be involved in Fatigue, it is important to identify the cause. This should primarily done by an specialized  endocrinologist.

In addition an osteopathic examination can be very beneficial as well. The osteopath begins with an extensive interview and then proceeds to conduct an in-depth examination. Among other things, the osteopath will check the mobility of all organs, the spine, the skull and the connective tissue (fascia).

Treatment will further consist of mobilizing the structures that are limited, such as the organs, skull and spine or a combination of these. The goal is to improve overall mobility, and thus blood flow to your cells and organs, to improve your overall bodily function, and to harmonize the nervous system. If necessary, the osteopath will also offer advice on nutrition and fluid intake and/or on the balance between load and load capacity and on correcting this balance.


Do you feel constantly exhausted? Discover how osteopathy can be a valuable addition to your medical treatment by your doctor. Discover how Osteopathy can provide relief from Fatigue by restoring your body’s mobility, function and restoring your energy balance. Consider checking out and begin the journey to a more energetic life. Contact us to discuss your options. Our experienced osteopaths are ready to help you relieve your Fatigue symptoms and improve your overall well-being.