Back Injuries From an Accident: How Much Should You Settle?

Back Injuries from an accident how much should you settle | HealthSoul

It is quite unfortunate that accidents not only incur immediate but long-term damage as well. After suffering a terrible car accident, you certainly have to deal with shaken spirits and legal mayhem. Moreover, many injuries post-accident don’t even surface almost immediately. Some of the most debilitating injuries that may not become apparent right after the accidents include back, neck, and head injuries. It is worrisome and quite concerning that even though the actual nature of neck and back injuries is quite serious, they may not be visible or not seem too serious right away. Even the pain that accompanies neck and back injury will only appear after several hours of days post-trauma. So, they are not only a challenge to treatment but insurance adjusters also react quite skeptical toward them.

Understand the Overall Impact

Regardless of the skepticism received from insurance adjusters, you must understand that injuries to the neck and back are quite disabling and will impact the overall quality of your life for the long term. Often, people who have undergone these injuries report having great trouble performing daily routine tasks. These tasks may be as simple as looking sideways or dressing up or taking a shower. Most of these activities or tasks are often taken for granted because we don’t even have to think much right before performing them. People who have suffered these injuries may have to give up on recreational activities. Sometimes, even cooking becomes an ordeal for an injured individual. So, you cannot look sideways at the legal implications and options.

Consider the Legal Implications

After suffering from an injury that is going to affect your quality of life long-term, you have to get your legal ducks in a row without any further delay. Postponing an appointment with an attorney to a later time will bring no good in your case. It is important that after suffering a back injury from a car accident, you get in touch with an expert to consult on the legal aspects. Ideally, you should look up to a back and neck injury attorney that will be able to help you with the financial aspects of your situation. Your lawyer will also be able to help you see through the risks and financial settlement possibilities. If you do not pursue any settlement claim on legal grounds, you have to understand that this may mean living a life of financial upheaval and medical stress. Pursuing legal action is always a sane thing to do after suffering a serious accident.

What to Expect in Settlement for the Injury?

Well, the financial amount for the back and neck injuries after a car accident varies greatly. However, they usually depend on the severity of the injury and how persuasive your legal case is. Because each case is quite unique in the severity of the injury and other related details, it is hard to give an absolute average but a general range for these settlements is anywhere from 9, 000 USD to more than 100,000 USD. It is important to understand that your settlement can even be outside of the range shared in this article because the settlement amount greatly depends on several factors specific to each particular scenario.

The Details that Count

While we cannot enlist all the decisive factors that dictate the settlement amount, there are a few worth mentioning and they revolve around the accident specifics. One of the most important questions is the impact that the head, neck, or back injury has on your lifestyle and the overall quality of your living. You may also have to get a medical evaluation and opinion about the long-term impact of this injury on your life and whether it is permanent or not. If the injury kept you from resuming your job in any way then this may also be something that makes your settlement case quite persuasive.

The settlement claims related to neck and back injuries are quite serious in nature and you also have to take care of post-trauma. If after the accident your doctor or the attending trauma medical unit recommended you a care routine, let’s say you were asked to wear a compression brace for a certain period of time and you fail to follow that instruction, this brings in some complications for you. The moment that you have not taken all the recommended steps towards treating the injuries, the defendant may be cleared off the claim entirely. Therefore, it is very important that you go through the medical recommendations and seek immediate legal counsel so your case is well-formed and you don’t suffer any undue damages.