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Quality, consistent sleep is a vital part of your health and happiness. You probably already know that too little sleep can lead to lowered energy levels and increased anxiety levels, but did you know that it can impact your sex life, too? That might seem like an odd takeaway, but the truth is that the quality of your sleep is directly related to the quality of your sex life. The reverse is also true, with the amount of sex you have been a crucial part of how much sleep you get every night. All three are well connected sex, sleep deprivation and anxious brain.

The Relationship Between Sleep and Sex

Sleep is responsible for helping us feel our best. Without enough sleep, it is dangerously easy to slip into depression or develop anxiety. How does this relate to sex? Well - sexual dysfunction tends to be more prominent when you’re feeling upset or depressed. You have other things to worry about, and your sex drive naturally declines as a result. In other words, poor sleep can quickly lead to a reduced sex life, and good sleep can lead to an improved sex life. 

Does Sex Really Help You Sleep Better?

For some people, the answer here is probably a clear one. Yes, sex can help you sleep better. It can be especially beneficial right before bed, in fact, and can help some people stay asleep in addition to falling asleep. That’s because it can help relieve anxiety, tire you out, and triggers a hormone release that results in feelings of tranquility and safety increasing. If you struggle to fall asleep, having sex might be a great option to try before you go to bed. If you’re part of a couple and have an uncomfortable or squeaky bed, you might also consider investing in an upgrade. A bed designed for pairs can help support both of you and be conducive to quality sleep.

Is Sex Before Bed Always Beneficial? 

If you’ve already found that this option doesn’t work for you, that’s okay – you’re not alone. While many people find that sex before bed leads to better sleep, some find that it leaves them more wired instead. It does get your heart pumping, after all, and it can lead to energy rather than tranquility in some, leading to the desire to get moving. This, of course, is not conducive to a great night’s rest. If that’s the case for you, then you’ll want to avoid the activity before bed and instead turn to other options to help calm you down when the time to fall asleep arrives. 

The conclusion? Go ahead and give sex a try before bed and see if it helps! There’s no harm in doing so, even if you realize that it leaves you energized rather than tranquil. If you’re not in a relationship, that’s okay – masturbation works just as well to help release those feel-good hormones and lull you to sleep. 

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Elise is a freelance writer located in North Carolina who has recently found her passion writing about all things health and wellness. This came about as she studied exercise science in school and hasn’t been able to let it go since! In her free time, Elise enjoys practicing yoga, trying out new recipes, and traveling to new restaurants with her friends.

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