A low-down on the most common Urologic Diseases

A low-down on the most common Urologic Diseases | HealthSoul

It is often said that diseases are a healthy response to an unhealthy environment and this holds especially true for Urologic Diseases. Every year several million Americans suffer from one or the other kind of urologic disease, yet the awareness of these diseases and what causes them is quite low and usually treated with all kinds of shame and paranoia about it. While hygiene and sanitary conditions have improved worldwide, even minutest exposure to contaminating microorganisms can wreak havoc in the urinary tract and associated reproductive organs. If you are looking for a Urologist Specialist in Miami for the treatment of any urologic conditions, getting treated by the most experienced doctor is your best bet, but before that you need to ensure that your safety and hygiene conditions are uncompromised. Let us look at some of the most common Urologic conditions and what causes them.

Bladder Infection also known as Urinary Tract Infection in Adults

Bladder infections are the most common kind of urinary tract infections affecting any or several parts of the urinary system of a human including urethra, bladder, uterus and kidneys. The infection may cause inflammation, pelvic pain, frequent urge of urination, pain with urinations and in severe cases even blood during urination. In women, bacteria may travel from the bowel to the urinary tract. It may also be caused due to the use of unhygienic toilets and in general be picked up from public spaces. In men this could be caused due to a sexually transmitted disease, an enlarged prostate, kidney stones or other factors.

Urinary Retention

In this condition, a person is unable to empty all the urine from the bladder. It is usually of two kinds – acute- when the condition is sudden and chronic- when due to some infection, disease or malfunction you gradually lose the ability to completely empty urine. Urinary retention is accompanied by severe abdominal pain in some cases. However, in some other cases it may not cause any pain at all. Urinary retention is usually caused due to an obstruction in the urinary tract such as an enlarged prostate or kidney stone. This could also be caused due to infections that result in internal swelling or bleeding or in some cases nerve problems that affect the signals from the bladder to the brain. Some medications and conditions such as constipation may also result in Urinary retention.

Hematuria (Blood in the urine)

The condition in which a person experiences presence of blood in the urine is known as Hematuria. There are two types of Hematuria: Gross hematuria wherein the blood can be seen by the patient and Microscopic Hematuria wherein the blood can be observed in the urine only microscopically. Hematuria is caused due to varied reasons some of which include vigorous exercise, infection in the bladder, kidneys or prostate, viral infection, sexual infections or diseases, and endometriosis in women. Hematuria is also known to be caused due to some kind of bladder or kidney cancer, hemophilia, polycystic kidney diseases and sickle cell anaemia among others. Some medications such as blood thinners, aspirin, antibiotics and pain relievers also cause the symptoms of hematuria. The urine in this case becomes pink, red or brown.

Other common diseases are erectile dysfunction, benign prostatic hyperplasia and interstitial cystitis. However, grave these diseases sound at the outset, these diseases are fully treatable and under good care of reputed doctors such as the ones in Gousse Urology who are Urologist Specialists in Miami, you could look towards being healthy or managing your condition in no time.