9 Science-Backed Benefits of CBD Oil

9 Science-Backed Benefits of CBD Oil | HealthSoul

CBD oil is everywhere on the market, and people around the globe are singing its praises like crazy. The rapid increase in demand for CBD products due to potential health benefits like improvements in sleep quality, appetite, mood, and recovery has resulted in the appearance of way too many CBD companies. But before you buy your first CBD oil, you should be aware of the ground reality in terms of the efficacy of CBD products. Today, we will try to learn the nine major science-backed benefits of CBD oil so that you can make a responsible decision and learn something new. So without further ado, let’s dig in!!

Reduction in symptoms of PTSD

Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder can be a nightmare, especially for veterans and people with traumatic childhoods. A study published in 2019 revealed that the administration of oral CBD along with routine psychiatric care can result in a reduction of symptoms of PTSD in adults. Another older study suggests that taking CBD immediately after a traumatic event might make it more difficult for the brain to make memories that may later develop and cause PTSD symptoms. A subset of people in the 2019 study also reported a reduction in frequent nightmares. 

Helps in Recovery from Opioid Addiction

Many people get hooked on pain medication due to the presence of opioids in them. This 2019 clinical trial shows that CBD could reduce the craving for opioid-based medicine significantly. 53% of participants narrowed down their opioid demand within 8 weeks of using CBD-rich hemp extract in their routine. Participants also reported improvements in their chronic pain and better sleep quality. Another small study showed that CBD can reduce cue-induced cravings among heroin users and help with withdrawal symptoms without any adverse effects. 

Helps with Anxiety and Depression

Over 260 million people suffer from anxiety and mood disorders globally. CBD oil is advertised as an effective way to calm down and unwind. A study published in 2021 that surveyed people with anxiety and depression showed that they take CBD to manage self-perceived anxiety, sleep, and stress. Some studies also show that CBD can help people lift their mood and reduce symptoms of depression. 

Helps with Epilepsy Syndrome

Epilepsy is responsible for distress in more than 50 million people worldwide. It is the most common neurological disorder that results in consecutive jolts throughout the body, also known as seizures. Severe symptoms of epilepsy can result in poor life quality and even death. A study led by researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine found that CBD is effective in blocking the signals carried by LPI molecules, which are the main reason for increased seizures when the signals carried over by LPI molecules get taken over by disease.

Helps in Curbing Diabetic Conditions

Diabetes can affect multiple organs in the human body, and it is the seventh most common disease across the globe. A recent study conducted by a group of scientists from China revealed that CBD works effectively in the treatment of diabetes and the complications that happen because of it. It does so by improving pancreatic islet function, reducing inflammation in the pancreas, and improving insulin resistance. So if you have diabetes, incorporating a broad-spectrum CBD oil from a reputable brand like Colorado CBD might help you deal with it. You can also read about some of the top available CBD oils here. 

Help with Arthritis and Joint Pain

As you age, your bones start to lose their density and your ligaments become weak and inflamed, which results in severe pain. More than 54 million Americans suffer from arthritis. A study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research shows that people who use CBD see an improvement in arthritis symptoms and a reduction in severe pain caused by inflamed joints. CBD sublinguals like CBD oil and topicals like slaves can be of immense help for people with arthritis.

Chronic Pain Management

Living with continuous pain can be a nerve-wracking experience. More than 51 million Americans suffer due to chronic pain. If you are one of them, then adding CBD oil to your diet can provide great relief. A 2022 study on the efficacy of CBD on chronic pain found that CBD is non-toxic and a much safer way of reducing pain as compared to opioid-based medicine. It influences the ECS system in such a way that pain reception dulls down, providing relief to the user.

Sleep Disorders

If you are someone who has insomnia or irregular sleep patterns, then you can improve your condition by consuming a few drops of CBD oil before going to bed. A study published in 2021 shows that CBD can help users who suffer from insomnia, erratic wakefulness, and distorted breathing when consumed in moderation over a period of time. 

Neurological Disease

Many clinical studies suggest that CBD use can provide protection against life-threatening diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and pave the way for a promising pharmacological approach in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders that develop in later stages of life. 


Well, now you know that all the benefits of CBD are not just myths but, in fact, backed by multiple scientific studies. There’s still scope for more research, but until then, you can read about some of the top available CBD oils here. We would highly recommend you give CBD oil a shot; it might bring some improvements to your life. Always buy from reputable brands like Colorado Botanicals to get well-tested products made in GMP-certified facilities.