8 Must-Haves for a Modern Senior Living Community

8 Must-Haves for a Modern Senior Living Community| HealthSoul

Long gone are the days of a depressive and incredibly old-fashioned senior living community. Long gone are the days of the type of community satirized by the Simpsons and SNL. Today, thanks to tech, medical miracles, and other new wonders, elderlies demand more. And, due to the cost-benefit, most communities regale them with those items they so desire. Not just to live a more comfortable existence, but a more gratifying, and enjoyable one. Let’s take a look at some of the MUST HAVE of the best senior living communities, those things you simply can’t short-change your clients with.

Why do elderly people reach out to senior living communities?

As you get older, and you start to realize that soon the end credits are about to roll on in your life, you start to want a graceful exit — the proverbial cowboy on his trusty horse strolling towards the sunset. BUT, life, particularly your biology, starts to work against you. You begin to realize that to pull off that feat, you’re going to need help — before, you were an army of one, now you need a squadron. And that’s what senior living communities are. A squadron is here to help you out.

Elderly people who are living alone or in an environment that does not meet their needs, often reach out to senior living communities for help. Many Jacksonville retirees like to visit Discovery Village at Deerwood to see if the place is suitable for them to retire. Establishment such as these are specifically crafted to meet the challenges and needs of elderly individuals. It is a place where they can live and get the care they need. There are a lot of local assisted living options to take advantage of that both help you stay safe, live your life fully, and even thrive in a community if you want to take advantage of it.

Senior living communities offer a variety of levels of care such as independent living, assisted living, and long-term care. They also have multiple services such as transportation, housekeeping, social activities, and meals.

There are many reasons why elderly people reach out to senior living communities:

  • They want to live in an environment that meets their needs.
  • They are lonely or lack social interactions.
  • They want help with daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning.
  • They need more medical attention than family members can provide.

Ultimately, they want to feel cared for. Getting old, at its core, is not only a daunting task but an incredibly scary one. Senior living communities serve as a lifeline to a lot of people, easing their fears.

Senior living community must-haves

Senior living communities have been on the rise in recent years. With the population of people aged 65 and older expected to grow to 20% by 2050, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking for a place that will offer a sense of security and comfort.

These types of communities are built on satisfying 3 core needs, and those MUST HAVE have a direct correlation to each. They need to have a variety of amenities to meet different needs — not just medical, but emotional, this includes entertainment. They need to promote a safe environment with emergency response systems in place. And they need to have a caring staff who understands seniors’ needs and can meet them.

The following MUST-HAVES are linked to each of these core values.

Comfortable Living Spaces

Seniors have to feel comfortable in their living quarters. Not only their rooms but shared facilities. These should promote well-being and mindfulness.

24-Hour Staff, Health Monitoring and Security

One of the biggest factors that contribute to a senior living positively, is the staff and technologies. You’ll need empathetic, and highly professional individuals — in medicine, security, and operating staff, as well as modern technologies to monitor senior health and ensure their safety.

Beautiful Landscaping

Studies have shown that senior citizens that are surrounded and can interact with nature live a more productive and enjoyable life. A beautiful landscape expertly cared for, eases them into retirement.

A Variety of Activities

Not only group activities, but personal activities. It’s important to keep their minds occupied and agile. Some communities form their own groups, from sewing circles to culinary academies, even – thanks to the likes of Nintendo and Playstation – online gaming communities.

Attentive Staff

Your operating staff – your nurses and aids – those that relate to your consumers daily, have to be incredibly attentive and on top of things. They need to wear their heart on their sleeve and help out whenever possible.

Freedom with Supervision

Your charges have to feel free to roam, and even go out on their own. They must feel as if they are being kept in jail against their will. Supervise them, use tech to keep track of them, but give them the freedom to explore and maintain a life outside the institution.

Support Groups

Always give them a support group, one where they can relate their issues and compare them to others of their age. Support groups help since in many ways they highlight the fact that they are not the only ones experiencing certain issues — that it is normal.

Additional Specialized Services

From tech, to pool parties, to group getaways — it’s important to go beyond the call of duty and try new things. The more you can offer the better not only your business plan, and competitive streak, but your offer service. Quality of care starts with the quality and quantity of products.

The effects of an optimized senior living community

Seniors to stay active, social, and engaged in a community. That’s a known fact. Studies have shown that they not only live longer but have a more fulfilling existence. Senior living communities offer an enriching environment where the elderly can maintain their independence while also enjoying the company of others.

Senior living communities provide many benefits. The biggest is a sense of security and safety that is not always available in other settings. The sense of community that these facilities offer can also be very beneficial for seniors as it provides them with emotional support and companionship which may not be possible in other settings.