7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Any Preconceived Notions About Weed Delivery Services

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Any Preconce ived Notions About Weed Delivery Services | HealthSoul

While the pandemic destabilized many Canadian industries, it set off a series of events that culminated in legal private weed delivery services becoming operational. Despite this progressive development, some consumers hold presumptions about weed delivery, subconsciously affecting their purchasing preferences.

However, holding presumptions cultivated by sources other than the first-hand experience will cost you opportunities and wonderful life experiences. For instance, licensed weed delivery services like Black Rabbit weed delivery offer same-day and mail-order marijuana delivery services to simplify your life. Therefore, open your mind to licensed weed delivery and experience the perks below first-hand.

1.  Convenience

While in-store weed shopping is a worthwhile experience, unprecedented life situations like heavy traffic or impromptu work meetings may prevent you from visiting cannabis dispensaries. Second, people with debilitating illnesses that limit mobility must rely on third-party individuals to do their weed dispensary runs.

Weed delivery services allow individuals of legal age to order weed via their e-commerce platforms or a phone call and receive doorstep deliveries. The convenience factor extends to include product variety as such services collaborate with various licensed dispensaries, giving you access to products otherwise unavailable in your local dispensary.

Third, the services are flexible, as switching the delivery location on demand is pretty straightforward. However, begin by conducting due diligence on a delivery service to ensure they have a good track record regarding dependability and timeliness before purchasing products.

2.  Privacy

Consumer privacy in Canada’s legal weed delivery industry entails discretion and customer data protection. While cannabis is federally legal in Canada, some societal segments hold prejudices against cannabis users, hence why closeted cannabis users exist. Some consumers would rather not walk into brick-and-mortar cannabis stores to avoid discrimination by people in their social circles.

Weed delivery service providers adhere to legal cannabis transportation requirements and use odorless and unmarked shipment packaging during weed delivery. Most notable cannabis delivery services only request preliminary information like your name, phone number, and delivery address during sign up.

They also encrypt user data to protect it from unauthorized access. Moreover, most licensed weed delivery service providers stipulate cash payments instead of card payments to allay consumers’ credit card fraud fears.

3.  Affordability

Businesses generally transfer overhead costs to consumers, which is no different for Canada’s legal cannabis industry. Brick-and-mortar weed dispensaries have higher overhead costs than licensed online dispensaries; hence have substantially higher product prices than the latter. However, a common presumption about weed delivery services is that hefty delivery prices cause online cannabis products to be pricier than in-store products.

On the contrary, weed delivery services only charge delivery fees to facilitate fast movement and not increase profit margins. Besides, you can also take advantage of perks like free delivery promotions offered by weed delivery services to lower your purchasing costs. Also, distance significantly influences delivery fee calculations, so consider using delivery services that operate within your locality.

4.  East Accessibility

Despite recreational cannabis legalization in 2018, some municipalities in provinces like Ontario opted out of hosting physical cannabis stores, creating cannabis “desert access” areas. Cannabis consumers in such jurisdictions faced a challenge accessing safe cannabis products from the legal cannabis industry, prompting some to settle for illicit products.

Limited cannabis access was a driving factor for the illicit cannabis industry. However, cannabis consumers in “desert access “areas can now enjoy safe and high-quality cannabis products regardless of municipality jurisdiction.

5.  Weed Delivery Service Promote Public Health and Safety

The illicit cannabis industry presents public health concerns as a recent government-led operation in British Columbia established harmful contaminants in sized illegal cannabis samples. According to BC cannabis regulation authorities, tests on the contraband weed revealed rife fungi, bacteria, pesticide, and heavy metal levels presence.

The illicit cannabis industry dominated weed delivery before and after cannabis legalization, fostering presumptions that weed delivery services are unsafe. However, provincial cannabis regulatory authorities monitor the entire legal cannabis supply chain from production to consumption, ensuring product safety.

Reputable licensed weed delivery services are also upfront with third-party lab tests verifying product quality. They also comply with Health Canada’s requirement that delivery services have an order-tracking system to help the body monitor the market. Therefore, only consider weed delivery services that comply with the above regulatory requirements and have bona fide user reviews.

6.  Consumer Education

Although weed delivery services may not directly offer the in-store “budtender” experience, such services have alternative platforms to facilitate consumer education. For starters, they feature blog sections on their websites offering educational bits on various cannabis elements. Some also have forums where weed enthusiasts congregate and share their cannabis experiences. Others feature comprehensive FAQ segments and adept customer service teams to handle beginner and expert-user queries alike.

7.  Employment Creation

Weed delivery services benefit cannabis consumers and non-consumers alike by creating many employment opportunities for delivery persons and sustaining courier businesses. Since they pay taxes, they contribute to improved public service delivery in their jurisdictions.


The Canadian cannabis industry has come full circle with private weed delivery service legalization. Unfortunately, preconceived notions about the young industry, arising from the illicit cannabis industry, threaten to stunt the young industry’s growth. Conducting due diligence on weed delivery services’ legality and track record will allay your fears, allowing you to enjoy the service’s benefits personally.