6 Types Of Dental Specialties

6 Types Of Dental Specialties | HealthSoul

Houston is among the biggest cities in the US in terms of population. Based on the latest statistics, 6,371,000 people are living in the central area of the Greater Houston metropolitan district. It is also a famous tourist destination in Texas. Plenty of tourists from different parts of the country and the world visit the city for the diverse culture and exciting tourist attractions. Science enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to the Space Center Houston, while those who love music will enjoy spending time watching live concerts or stage plays at the Bayou Music Center.

Aside from these attractions, locals and residents also love getting sweet treats from famous shops in the city. You can find anything from cupcakes, pies, macaroons, and cookies in this part of the state. Because of this, it is inevitable to see a rise in oral health problems in Houston. Some of these problems are beyond repair and ultimately need a tooth extraction. While it will make you lose a tooth, it could be the best choice to rescue your overall oral health. According to an article from https://bestdentistinhouston.com/tooth-extraction-houston/, tooth extraction could be the best recommendation if the cavity reaches deep into the gum tissue.

Aside from general dentistry, there are different types of dental specialties that you can find in Houston. These dentists can help provide proper care for all kinds of oral health problems. Here are the most popular dental specialties practicing in H-Town.


Also known as the Tooth Root Doctor, the endodontists specialize in taking care of dental pulp. It is the centermost part of the tooth, comprising numerous living cells and connective tissue as well as the tissues found all over the root. The endodontists aim to help their patients prevent and treat dental pulp diseases or injuries like pulp stones and pulpitis. The most common treatment that endodontists offer is the root canal therapy.

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

For patients who need treatment for different dental issues, like impacted teeth removal, reconstructive dental surgery, and dental implants, a surgeon specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. They can perform a wide range of treatments like removal of wisdom tooth, corrective jaw surgery, and complicated dental extractions. They also can decide whether they can extract an infected tooth on the spot. Based on the published information from https://bestdentistinhouston.com/tooth-extraction-houston/, these specialty dentists would do everything possible to avoid further complications by removing the infected tooth immediately after the consultation.


Patients can turn to periodontists if they need special attention to their gum-related diseases. They use root planing and scaling, also called Deep Cleaning, to strip away all plaque, tartar deposits, and toxins then smoothen all the rough spots located on the surface of the root. They can also perform root surface debridement to remove the damaged gum tissue. Periodontists can also perform the dental implant placement, repair, and maintenance and cure simple and severe oral inflammation.


Some people have misaligned sets of teeth or malpositioned jaws. If they want to have these conditions treated, they can go to an orthodontist. Also called the Alignment Dentist, this specialty oral healthcare provider can correct wide gaps between the teeth, abnormalities of the bite, jaw or teeth, and realign the teeth with the use of non-surgical treatments. They would install braces, wires, retainers, or Invisalign corrective apparatus to help the patients achieve their perfect smile. You can consult Calgary Orthodontist for more information.


Those who want to replace or restore their broken or missing teeth can seek the help of Restoration Dentists or Prosthodontists. They usually use bridges, crowns, or dentures to bring back the smile that their patients would love to have. These dentists are also knowledgeable in fixing the oral function, appearance, and comfort of patients with deficient teeth. They can also work with other specialist dentists in post oral reconstruction due to cancer and treatment of traumatic mouth injuries, sleep disorders, snoring, and jaw joint issues. If you need a good recommendation, you can get your crown fitted or dental implants Coconut grove FL.

Pediatric Dentistry

Children need special attention when facing oral health problems. While general dentists can take care of patients of any age, the pediatric dentists or the pedodontics have thorough training in addressing the needs and oral health care of children and teens. These dentists can help their patients provide fluoride treatments or dental sealants to protect the integrity of the teeth. They can also offer parents a comprehensive list of guidelines to help take care of these patients when necessary.

These are some of the most common dental specializations that anyone can find in Houston. All these dentists received the most robust training in their fields, which means that they can handle specific cases when needed. If you have a particular oral health issue that you need to address, you need to get the best dentist in the city to preserve, protect, and treat the teeth.