6 Tips to Maximize the Usage of Medical Estate Through Design

6 Tips to Maximize the Usage of Medical Estate Through Design| HealthSoul

Owning a medical estate is like having a money-generating machine. Whether you own or rent it, medical estates are known to be located at prime locations close to major hospitals in the city. Despite the fact that medical property yields good profits, many owners struggle to crack that code. Whether it’s a medical office leasing or your privately owned medical property, you can maximize profits if you have the right strategies. Making simple changes to the design of your property can make it more accessible and usable. Therefore, here are six tips to maximize the usability of your medical estate. Read on to know.

Allow Access to the Elements Like Yards and Terraces

Gone are the days when the hospitals used to be dull, white buildings with no visual appeal. Modern hospitals are more beautiful with gardens, plants, and modern architecture. Often, the areas like yards and terraces are restricted for access to the general public due to security reasons. Although the yards and garden are aesthetically designed, restricting public access to these areas reduces its usability. Visitors often spend their time in the yard or take a breath of fresh air on the terrace. That is why the property managers should allow access to these areas to increase usability and customer satisfaction.

Rethink Your Existing Architecture

Construction and renovations are costly. You don’t want to spend your money breaking down the existing architecture and building a new one. Instead, you can revisit the current areas with a fresh perspective. It will help you renovate the space by utilizing the existing resources. For example, the waiting rooms in hospitals can be tedious and dull most of the time. You can make some changes to make it more enjoyable while also creating a revenue stream. Placing a coffee machine or vending machine in the waiting room can help visitors get refreshed while waiting. Adding paintings and graphics to the wall can also make the space more lively. 

Maximize the Usage

When you own a medical property or have a medical office leasing, you get the freedom to utilize more space. Every inch of your property should contribute to generating revenue. You can maximize the usage of social areas like conference rooms and break rooms by converting them into more commercially usable rooms. You can also convert empty rooms into storage spaces by installing racks and storage units. 

Maximizing the usage of your property allows you to use prime spaces for more critical work and reuse the less frequently used areas for some other purposes. You can improve the usage of your space and increase the usability of your medical property.

Have Ample Parking Spaces

Every commercial or residential property must have ample parking space for parking the cars of the patients and visitors. Many government authorities have also made it mandatory for commercial properties to have parking spaces for their customers. 

Parking spaces ensure that the visitors’ vehicles are safe from theft or any other damage. It’s also good to have CCTV cameras everywhere in the camera to capture any suspicious activity. Having cameras at the entry and the exit of the parking ensure the administrators know who entered and exited the hospital.

Use Signages and Boards for Easier Navigation

Medical properties are vast, and it’s easy to get lost on the premises if there aren’t any signs of navigation. Finding your way into the hospital can be difficult as there are many turns, hallways, rooms, and passages. If there is no appropriate signage, the visitors can get confused and go where they are supposed to. That is why every medical property must have necessary signages for easier navigation.

It’s also essential to install informational signages on the doors and room to know which room belongs to what purpose. You don’t want the visitor to go into an active operation room mistakenly. The cautionary signs are essential for a medical property. Hospitals have x-ray rooms that are harmful if not treated rightly. These cautionary signages will help visitors be aware and stay away from such spaces.

No Obstacles in the Hallways and Passageways

Even a minute makes it a matter of life and death in a hospital. That is why it is essential to remove any obstacles from the passages and hallways to improve the movement. The wheelchairs, stretchers, and other medical equipment need sufficient space to carry them into different rooms. The obstacles in the way can create difficulties in the treatment, and a delay in emergency cases can lead to death. 

Ensure all the furniture is perfectly placed and does not affect the natural movement. Remove any obstacle that hinders free movement and make sure the passages are always clear.

Medical properties can be your biggest asset if you know how to make the best use of them. Make sure you make the necessary changes in the design to maximize the accessibility and usability of the spaces.