6 Benefits of First Aid Training in the Workplace

6 Benefits of First Aid Training in the Workplace| HealthSoul

To most people, mentioning workplace accidents or emergencies brings a factory or a construction site to mind. While these two areas are the most common places where catastrophic accidents are likely to happen, accidents and medical emergencies can arise in any setting. Having a person who knows what to do can help save lives when they occur. An employer must ensure that their employees work in a safe environment. However, even for the most careful, emergencies still arise, with some not being connected to the workplace.

Having Your Employees Trained

Emergencies in the workplace are inevitable. Even if they haven’t happened, they will occur sometime down the road. Therefore, having your employees or several of them trained on performing basic first aid is a good idea. When seeking first aid training for your employees, you want to ensure that they get it from the best trainers and at a low cost. If you are unsure of the best trainer for your employees, you may want to check out these low-cost first aid courses designed for the workplace and home settings.

Benefits Of Workplace First Aid Training

1. Saving Lives

The time difference between when an accident happens and when the first responders arrive can cost a life. Imagine a person who has suffered deep wounds and is bleeding profusely. In such a case, the few minutes the first responders will take to arrive could be all it takes for them to bleed out. Having someone who understands how to control bleeding among the workers means they can buy time for the affected employee as they await help. Bleeding is not the only time-sensitive emergency there is.

Other emergencies like cardiac arrests, choking, fall from heights also require fast response, and having a person trained on first aid in-house can make a big difference.

2. Reduce Workplace Accident

Workplace accidents can result in costly claims that could bring down a business. The best way to protect yourself from liability is carrying workers’ compensation insurance. However, even with a worker compensation cover, a high number of work-related injuries can cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket or have insurance companies rejecting your application for being a high-risk client.

One of the best ways of reducing the number of accidents in a workplace is through first aid training. Most first aid training courses designed for a workplace setting do more than train on what to do after an accident to include how to prevent accidents from happening.

3. Boost Employee Morale

Employees are the greatest asset to any business. It is common knowledge that happy employees are productive employees. One of the most effective ways of boosting employee happiness and morale is showing them that you care about their well-being. Having them trained on the basics of first aid communicates that you care about their safety, which can effectively boost their morale and increase productivity.

4. It’s A Great Team-Building Exercise

While you could have a few employees trained on first aid in the workplace, training the whole team is even better. It ensures that anybody at any time can administer first aid whenever needed. Having your team trained as a group can be an excellent team-building exercise. The practical part of first aid training involves performing mock emergencies, allowing employees to attend to each other as they would in an emergency.

This kind of interaction allows employees to do something fun together, making it an excellent team-building exercise. So if you are thinking about the perfect team-building exercise for your team, try first aid training. Besides helping your team bond, they will acquire life-saving skills for the workplace and out-of-work environments.

5. Help Maintain Worker Confidence And Clarity In An Emergency

When an emergency occurs, most people panic, making an already bad situation worse. Navigating an emergency requires sobriety. Having a sober mind ensures that the employees take the proper steps to navigate the situation. Administering first aid requires that the person administering it be calm to ensure they do everything right, from evacuating an injured person when needed, identifying the nature of their injuries, and administering the right first aid. With training, employees can maintain a sober mind even amid a chaotic situation.

6. Employees Learn To Use The First Aid Kit Properly

While almost all workplaces have a first aid kit, not many people know what is in it or even how to use it. Having a first aid kit in the workplace is great, but if no one knows how to use it, it cannot help anything. Having your team trained ensures that the first aid kits in your establishment aren’t there to meet compliance requirements only but can be used effectively in the time of need to save a life or mitigate the effects of injuries.

Having your employees trained on basic first aid administration benefits you and your employees as well. Therefore, enrolling your employees in a first aid training course is important. You may never know when an emergency will strike.