5 Reasons You Need To Keep Your Water Pipe Clean

5 Reasons You Need To Keep Your Water Pipe Clean | HealthSoul

What is a glass water pipe

The smoking community has become more invested in creating products that will enhance the user experience and provide the best quality to the smoker. Now that many countries have increased the variety of legal herbs and cannabis that people can smoke, more people have started to invest in glass water pipes, also known as bongs, to smoke herbs such as weed, marijuana, pot, tobacco, and others. 

A glass water pipe has two sides – one to store water and the other to store the herbs and cannabis the smoker wishes to smoke. Different companies and glass water pipe producers have designed different types of glass pipes; however, one of the widely spread types is similar to the Tsunami glass water pipe – where smokers fill the pipe with water, fill the herb into its designated space, and by using a lighter start to burn the herbs. When the herbs start to burn slowly, smokers will have to inhale through the glass pipe and enjoy the herb’s flavor.

It is important to understand there are numerous other designs of bongs and pipes made out of different materials available to purchase; however, to get the most out of the smoking experience, it is best to invest in a glass water pipe as numerous users have provided positive feedback when using it. 

The importance of using a clean water pipe

As mentioned before, there are different types of bongs and pipes. For instance, people will be able to find bongs made out of plastic – even though they are useful, they have much fewer benefits compared to glass pipes. 

One of the main benefits is that by using a glass pipe, smokers are able to easily clean the pipe, which is an essential – and often overlooked – step when using a pipe to smoke. Due to the burnt smoke coming out of the pipe, a lot of residue starts to build up inside the pipe, which can lead to the formation of clogs on the inside of the pipe. The clogs will prevent the smoke from coming out as smoothly as it would have if it were clean. On the other hand, since using a bong is done by burning the herbs, it is possible that the clogs will also burn in the process, adding an unusual taste and flavor to the smoke. 

There are numerous other reasons and benefits that come with using a clean glass water pipe when smoking. Thus, it is essential to clean the pipe as much as possible to get the best usage of the tool. 

5 Reasons you need to keep your water pipe clean

1- Getting maximum flavor

As mentioned above, the additional residue that is stuck inside the pipe can be burnt when smoking using a pipe that is not clean. So, to ensure to get the maximum flavor when smoking a new pack of a type of herb, ensure to clean the pipe using alcohol and baking soda. 

On the other hand, some people change the type of herb they smoke more frequently. By not cleaning the pipe and the bong, the flavors of the two types will get mixed, which will not produce the right flavor for the smoker. 

2- Healthier smoking compared to using an unclean water pipe

Even though smoking is not considered healthy, using a bong that does not have clean pipes is much more unhealthier. To reduce the extent of the unhealthiness of smoking, ensure to clean the pipe as much as possible. This is because when the pipe is not clean, the residue stuck to the wall can turn into molds over time, and by using that pipe to smoke new packs, the molds will burn and turn into toxins, all of which the smoker will inhale. 

3- Fewer clogs in the pipe

As stated above, cleaning the pipe will rid it of the residue built up inside it. Since the pipe will not have any clogs inside it, the efficiency of the bong will be increased. In other words, fewer clogs in the pipe improve the airflow and the ventilation of the bong, allowing smokers to easily inhale and smoke.  

4- Reduce the risks of damaging the pipe

Investing in a glass water pipe can be considered expensive to some as it can be considered as a luxury good for them. Thus, not cleaning and doing maintenance on the expensive investment can damage the water pipe, which will automatically increase the smoker’s cost – whether it is to replace it or to pay for additional repairs. 

5- Ability to share with others

Finally, a lot of people have the tendency to share a bong whenever they hang out with their friends. By cleaning the bong and water pipe, smokers will be able to share the bong without worrying about the health safeties of sharing a bong.


To conclude, numerous benefits come with cleaning and maintaining a clean glass water pipe. To enjoy these benefits, ensure to clean the bong as much as possible.