5 Reasons Why You Need To Go See An Orthodontist

5 Reasons why you need to go see an Orthodontist | HealthSoulgo

While most people understand the importance of oral health and aesthetic, few pay heed to regular checkups and appointments to their orthodontist or dentist. While dentists specialize in teeth cleaning, checking for and fixing any signs of damage and treating any other oral conditions, orthodontists specialize in fixing jaw irregularities, correcting bites, occlusion and maintaining straightness of your teeth. Individuals often fail to understand the importance of oral health and hygiene, and overlook the fact that their daily interactions are in one way or another linked to their oral health.

Imagine coming across an individual that has a great personality, is intelligent and easy to talk to, but suffers from a combination of bad breath and crooked teeth – you are likely to remember the latter about the person more than their formerly mentioned good qualities. Hence, individuals need to understand the importance of what an orthodontist does, and listed below are five reasons why you should visit an expert like Calgary Orthodontist:

1. For teeth straightening

People who have uneven or crooked teeth often feel shy and embarrassed in social settings. Their smile lacks the confidence that it deserves, and such individuals tend to feel reserved amongst new people and crowds. Not only do uneven teeth look displeasing aesthetically, they also tend to bother individuals physically. Hence, individuals need to see an orthodontist and get braces in order to fix their pearly whites and gain the confidence they truly deserve.

2. To fix overcrowded teeth

Certain adults suffer from overcrowding in their teeth which is a condition in which too many teeth develop in one space. This not only looks displeasing aesthetically, it also makes teeth harder to clean and may also cause dental problems and gum diseases in the long run. Hence, individuals should visit an orthodontist for consultation and either get braces, extract a few teeth or get a combination of both procedures depending upon the orthodontist’s advice.

3. To fix gaps between your teeth

Some individuals may also suffer from gaps between their teeth as their teeth may grow with spaces between them. In other cases, people may have a gap between their teeth because they may simply lose a tooth and fail to follow up with dentures. When there is a gap between teeth, the other teeth tend to move and space out. This isn’t a pretty sight to look at and may cause a number of dental and physical issues. Hence, individuals should visit an orthodontist to get the gaps in their teeth fixed.

4. For teeth grinding problems

Individuals may suffer from teeth grinding issues in which they involuntarily grind their upper and lower teeth against each other. While this usually occurs while the individual is sleeping, it could cause a hindrance in the individual’s normal lifestyle as it causes them to have swollen or sore jaws once they wake up. Hence, individuals should see an orthodontist to get their teeth grinding problems fixed.

5. To fix misalignment in your bite

Individuals who suffer from misalignment in their bite, a condition known as malocclusion, tend to either overbite, underbite or crossbite. Such issues also tend to misshape an individual’s face which may affect the individual’s confidence in the long run. In addition to that, misalignment in bite also tends to give people other health issues such as grinding, headaches and in severe cases the individual may suffer from speech problems. Hence, individuals should visit an orthodontist to get their malocclusion fixed accordingly.

While the above oral problems may seem pretty normal, they can in fact become very serious in the long run if not treated in time. Hence, individuals shouldn’t delay a visit to the orthodontist if they suffer from any of these issues at all.