5 Laser Hair Removal Misconceptions To Instantly Dismiss

5 Laser Hair Removal Misconceptions To Instantly Dismiss | HealthSoul

Laser hair removal is widely regarded to as being the most effective hair removal procedure. It is preferred by countless women and man from all around the world, especially over the use of removal cream and waxing.

The problem is that although laser hair removal is hugely popular right now, there are countless misconceptions and myths that surround the treatment. In order to make some things clear, SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Toronto highlights the most common misconceptions concerning laser hair removal.

It Is Painful – Myth

There are many people that will experience some level of pain but this does not mean that the procedure will be painful. Usually, the first session is the one in which you feel the most pain but statistics show that the majority of patients just fill a small tingling sensation.

If we were to compare, we can say that laser hair removal will not hurt more than regular waxing. It is also quicker and safer, without any bleeding. Yes, the procedure is not pain-free but reports about it being very painful are exaggerated.

Cannot Work On Dark Skin – Myth

This was the truth in the past but technology advanced. Thanks to recent developments, hair can also be removed from people that have darker skin. You just have to make sure that you go to a clinic that is taking advantage of the up-to-date systems. Also, make sure they are qualified and fully registered.

Laser Hair Removal Takes Years – Myth

In reality, laser hair removal takes 4 to 5 treatments and get rid of close to 90% of all the unwanted hair. Patients repeat sessions every 8 weeks or so. Due to this, you can be sure that you finish the procedure in just months. Even so, we have to take into account the individual’s financial situation. You might also want to think about whether or not further treatments can be afforded. It is possible to extend the treatment over the years when finances are low, but it can also be quite fast.

The Procedure Is Expensive – Myth

The more sessions you need, the higher the cost of the procedure. However, the size of the area you use the laser on does have a clear impact on this. For instance, when you just want to get rid of the hair on your upper lip, the price tag is so much lower than when you go for your entire legs.

Make sure you talk with the consultant at the clinic so you know how much you will need to pay. Obviously, this is not set in stone since you might need more or fewer sessions, but you will be given rough guidelines to take into account.

Laser Hair Removal Is Unsafe – Myth

Whenever mentioning lasers, a lot of people start to question things and end up thinking that the procedure is not safe. In reality, the use of laser increases the security of the treatment. This is because lasers only impact hair follicles and surrounding tissue is left unharmed.

So far, laser hair treatment has been used on millions of people from all around the world without any problem. It is actually one of the safest hair removal procedures you could use right now.

Final Thoughts

Laser hair removal is a completely safe and effective procedure that you can so easily use right now, as long as you are a candidate for it. The doctor will tell you if this is the case. You should not worry about any bad information that you find online about the procedure. With so many myths and misconceptions, it is normal to feel weary. However, the clinic that you go to will surely help you learn the truth about laser hair removal.