4 Ways to Prevent Injuries When Exercising

4 Ways to Prevent Injuries When Exercising | HealthSoul

Working out can be easy. You just go for a run, do some bodyweight exercises, or relax with some yoga, right? Well, not exactly.

Even if you’re a pro at working out, it is still very easy to get hurt. From sprains to strains to rotator cuff tears, these injuries are painful and sometimes cause long term damage.

Lucky for you, there are some smart ways you can prevent getting hurt while still getting the best out of your workout session.

1. Be Kind to Your Muscles

Ever heard of massage guns? If not, it is a good thing you are reading this right now.

Pushing your body to its limits in high-intensity workouts can relieve stress and energize you, but it often comes with some downtime or in the worst-case serious injury.

This is where massage guns come in. These little percussion massagers work similarly to treatments you would get in a massage clinic but from home. These handy gadgets come in many forms, making it difficult to choose the right one for you.

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2. Learn the Right Technique

If you are one to dabble in some yoga, pilates, or even weightlifting, you might have heard how important it is to have good form. While it can be tempting to push forward and go to your limits, it is important that you take your time and learn the right technique.

Making sure your body is perfectly aligned before speeding up any exercise you’re doing. Whether you’re doing some squats or pushups, make sure you’re using correct form to prevent getting hurt. If you have the technique down right, there will be no stopping you!

3. Stretch It Out

This might come as no surprise but stretching is half your work-out. Making sure your muscles are relaxed before and after your workout is fundamental if you want to prevent injury. It can seem like an afterthought, but taking your time and really focusing on each body part your targeting in your routine will keep you healthy and make you more flexible.

Stretching does not have to be static. To make the process even more enjoyable, put on some music, and create your own choreography. Movement-based stretching is a great option for many.

4. Switch It Up

It’s often that when you find a workout you like, you get stuck with it. We are all creatures of habit and tracking your improvement doing the same exercise can feel very rewarding.

Our bodies, however, crave some variety. Pizza is great, but you wouldn’t want to eat it every day of the week. Moreover, switching it up now and then will target different muscle groups in your body and ensure that you engage all of them.

Another great aspect of diverting from your favorite exercise is that you give the muscles you usually exhaust some well-deserved time off. Plus, you might even find a new favorite routine.


Being aware of the little things you can do to ensure that you are working out safely does not mean you have to give up on the fun. Find out what works best for you, go slow and you will find that there is gain without pain.

Whether it is massaging your muscles or discovering a new form of exercise, now is the time to look after yourself.