3 Health benefits of going to the Spa for Massage Therapy

3 Health benefits of going to the Spa for Massage Therapy | HealthSoul

The spa industry in the US has maintained steady growth for almost a decade. Based on a recent study from the ISPA Foundation, the total revenue of the industry exceeded the $18 billion mark in 2018. It showed a 4.7 percent growth from the previous year. This growth resulted from the continuous increase in the revenue per visit, which already amounted to $96.50 in 2018 compared to $93.70 in 2017. More people are also coming to spas during the year of the study. According to the report, 190 million people visited the spa during the year to have some treatments done. Some of them enjoyed different methods of massages for relaxation, while others go to the spa for medical reasons and smoothen wrinkles and aging skin. Here are the other medical benefits that people can enjoy when going to the spa.

Alleviates Aches And Pains

Millions of people live with different types of aches and pains for a variety of reasons. Some of these include straining the muscles during exercises, sitting for prolonged periods at work, as well as sleeping on a bad mattress. One of the common pains felt by people is back pain. It can get inconvenient especially when trying to do simple activities like tying shoelaces or picking up an object from the floor. According to a study from the Annals of Internal Medicine, those who are experiencing low back pain will feel less discomfort if they receive an hour of weekly massage therapy for at least 10 weeks. There are various types of massages that ease the pain, especially the deep tissue massage. Viva Day Spa describes deep tissue massage as the combination between the relaxing Swedish massage and structural massage. It utilizes long, steady strokes with firm pressure to reach the innermost layer of muscles. It can also work well to reduce the pain on the legs, shoulders, and neck.

Supports Weight Reduction

It is now common for spas to offer weight-loss treatments in their facilities. A certain type of massage technique called the Lymphatic System Massage can help in breaking down body fat. This is also believed to eradicate toxins that may cause weight gain. Spas can also offer steam saunas and sweat rooms to remove the toxins faster through the sweat. Research also claimed that massages can boost your metabolic rate. This can encourage your muscles to burn up more calories. Massages reportedly promote proper digestion since it can fix your digestive tract. Because of this, conditions like bloating, constipation, and flatulence will be eliminated from your system.

Build Up Happiness And Diminish Stress

Aside from the positive effects on your body, going to the spa can also help increase your happiness levels. This can be linked to the production of serotonin after undergoing massage therapy. It can also lessen your stress level. As a result, you will have lesser episodes of headaches, especially those that were induced by too much tension in the body. Also, going to a spa for massage therapy can help you improve your sleep cycle.

All the benefits of going to spas mentioned can let you enjoy better health. Taking a spa day can be a good alternative treatment for a variety of diseases. Not to mention, it is also believed that the spa can help motivate you to assess your health habits and change for the better. With regular spa treatments, you will be on your way to living a healthier life – both physically and mentally.