15 Best Men’s Health Clinic in Singapore 2021

15 Best Men's Health Clinic in Singapore 2021 | HealthSoul

Men’s health clinics in recent times have become more and more popular around the world. Singapore is no exception. Over the years, men’s health clinics grew as the need arose to provide an extensive approach to addressing the various health problems peculiar to men. Men’s health clinic as we know it today goes beyond testosterone replacement which was the original idea. It addresses a range of male medical issues like surgical, urologic, endocrine, physical, and psychological. This specialized multidisciplinary approach has these various benefits for patients.

  • Deals with the full spectrum of men’s health need holistically.
  • Ensures confidentiality and privacy
  • Ensures that patients can share health problems without fear of being judged
  • It is convenient and provides the right environment
  • Provides personalized and customized service

There are several men’s health clinics in Singapore to choose from if you are searching for one or ever need to visit in the future. Save this roundup post we made for you. We have listed 15 top men’s healthcare centers to visit, in no particular order.

Best Men’s Health Clinic In Singapore:

  • Noah 

Noah’s health care clinic is a telehealth firm that specializes in hair and skin, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems, mental health, and well-being for only men. They are big on the privacy and confidentiality of their patients. They understand the patient’s reluctance to open up and have made it easy for them.

You get evaluated over a video call, answer critical questions to help the diagnosis process. Prescribed drugs are shipped to you without stepping out of your home. Delivery occurs within 4 hours after consultation without an extra charge. They have a virtual care team that provides 24/7 assistance. All products are made from herbs and natural ingredients. Typically after filling out an online form and booking a consultation session, doctors call you at a time convenient to you.

  • Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic 

They offer services for general health, sexual issues, and screening while they treat women and children. They also provide specialized services for men. Services include Loss of Libido, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Hair Loss, Weight Management, Adult Vaccinations, and Male Hormone Deficiency. They have just one physical center but provide teleconsult if you can’t access them easily.

  • Dr. Ben Medical

They provide comprehensive healthcare services from skin and hair issues, sexual health, STDs and STIs, allergy, screening, testing, ENT, vaccination, weight Loss, self-testing. In their words, “they exist to provide a safe, non-judgemental and reassuring experience for both local and international patients”. They also offer teleconsult and deliver your medications to you. After-hour inquiry is a service perk they also offer. They are that reliable. You can decide to pick up, choose between phone or video for teleconsultation, send mail or call for an appointment, get contacted, pick a payment that suits you. They are flexible like that too. It is a strictly male hospital for not just patients. All doctors are males. Should you have that anxiety that may come with talking to a female doctor, and particularly about speaking to a male doctor, you don’t have to make that choice. You got what you need.

  • Dr. Tan & Partners (DTAP)  

They offer comprehensive health services for men and women and family med. Specifically for men’s health, it offers specialist services for Erectile Dysfunction, Prostate, Ejaculation Issues, Male Fertility, Premarital Screening, Andropause, HIV Testing, and Weight Loss Treatment. Just 7 years old with 9 centers and 10 dedicated doctors ( and other specialists), it continues to provide General practice with a special interest model in Singapore. It now offers teleconsultation services. Current and new patients can book an appointment online on their site or WhatsApp.  

  • One Care 

They are a general practice clinic that gives tailor-made services to male patients. They pride themselves by adding years to life and life to years. One Care offers a full range of services and leverages its network of specialist networks to help give personalized treatment. Some services they provide to male patients include Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Testosterone Deficiency, Male Hair Loss, Prostate Problems, Weight Management. If you worry about accessibility, never mind.

They have up to 25 branches around Singapore, the highest so far. Even more, their clinics are connected to the Singapore national Electronic Healthcare Record which gives you access to continued care between various healthcare institutions in Singapore. This ensures that accessibility to healthcare is quite easy in this regard. On the other hand, they do not provide teleconsultation. Consultation is always on-site. So you always need to walk in to see a doctor.

  • Sincere healthcare Group

They are a Men and Women Healthcare service provider. One of the oldest men’s health clinics that offers a full range of services. For 12 years, it has been providing men and women alike with fertility treatment facilities, Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OBGYN), Urology, Sexology, Andrology Laboratory, and Vascular and Interventional services.  

As a result of the highly specialized service it offers, they have a track record of helping couples home and abroad bear kids through their IVF services. Specifically for males, they provide prostate care and andrology. They have four centers with different specialty areas in Singapore. In 2020, it was nominated for the Best Fertility Clinic and Medical Centre in the Asia Pacific.

  • International Medical Clinic 

IMC has 12 years of experience in providing family medicine. But they as well provide tailored made service to care specifically to every man. Men’s health provisions include laboratory tests, cancer screening, and cardiac screening, testosterone checkups, and cholesterol management. Patients can book an appointment either via phone or email and assessment will be made before an appointment can be confirmed. 

Patients may be re-evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine their suitability for telemedicine consultation. They have 4 branches in Singapore namely, IMC Camden, Children’s, Jelita, and Katong. Note that IMC children’s is strictly for kids and infants.

According to a customer survey conducted by IMC, 89% of patients reported their Overall experience at IMC was ‘Excellent’ and 95% described their Doctor as ‘Excellent’.

  • Insync Health medical

Insync health medical’s aim is to help people take care of their sexual health. As such it provides an all-around sexual health service. It takes into consideration the sexual orientation of patients and provides the health support each and every one of them need.

Physical and emotional issues that affect sexual behavior and intimacy affecting men and women can be treated here. If you’re looking for a convenient, nonjudgemental, and sex-positive environment, this place is for you. Dr. Jess the founder and chief physician exposes her patients to positive aspects of sexuality by providing education on masturbation, self-exploration, sex, and sexuality. 

Teleconsultation is also available for men and women. Services for men include penile skin rashes, erectile dysfunction, andropause, STDs, Ejaculation disorder, chronic pelvic pain, Peyronie disease.

  • Atlas Pacific Medical

Atlas Pacific Medical is a specialist hospital for all STI and STD concerns. They provide health screening, testing, and treat male sexual problems. For men’s health, they provide the following services. Treatments for Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, testosterone replacement, and genital wart. You have the option of booking an online appointment on their website.

  • Shim clinic 

Shim clinic focuses on just men’s health. They are a general practice clinic that is private and confidential and provide the following services. STD testing and treatment, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation (PE), testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS) / andropause, male pattern balding and hair loss treatment, androgenetic, Alopecia.

Additionally, they provide medication refills. Patients can call a number to have their medication prepared and delivered to them. Courier arrangements can be made by the clinic or the patient through an app. They are strictly a walk-in clinic, and you can do that without booking an appointment. This is a good thing if you decide to make an impromptu visit.

  • Phoenix medical group 

They provide individualized men’s health screening and follow-up care and management. They treat not just the physical health of the man but provide various non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments. The beauty and wellness of men are central to the service they provide. Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Low Testosterone Level, Sexually Transmitted, hair loss, skin care, anti-aging, weight management are some of the services they offer men. They have screening packages termed as basic, executive, and comprehensive. 

Even with 12 branches around Singapore, you can book an appointment online. Each location offers different services. It will be more convenient to find out which center renders the service you need before visiting.

  • Kensington family clinic

Kensington is a clinic that services men and women. They handle male sexual health issues in the areas of Loss of libido, Erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Andropause’ or Testosterone deficiency. Other male issues addressed include Hair loss, Weight management, Skin issues, Depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions. They also provide STI and STD services and test anonymously, guaranteeing your privacy.

  • Elyon Clinic 

They are a family clinic for men, women, and general practice health care. However, Their specialty for male health is in the niche of Andrology and infectious diseases. They are highly experienced in treating Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), performing STI screening, HIV screening, and HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (HIV PEP). Additionally, they treat Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and Hair Loss in men. Provisions for booking an appointment are only on Whatsapp. There are no teleconsultation options and have just one branch. You need to find out if it is conveniently accessible to you. Also, consider that they have been featured in BestSingaporeBuy HIV testing and STD testing. They just might be worth the try.

  • DSC clinic (or Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections Control)

DSC is unique for being a gender-inclusive clinic that provides services for men, women, and LGBT patients. Not many hospitals have this as a proposition. They are a specialist outpatient clinic for diagnosis, treatment, and control of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in Singapore. Senior resident doctors and specialists are available to give treatments and counseling irrespective of your sexual orientation. You can book an appointment online but also need to visit a doctor in person. They recommend that appointments are booked 3 days in advance.

  • DB Medical

DB medical clinic deals with men’s sexual health holistically. They focus on both internal and external well-being and are committed to providing only the utmost quality of health screening. They provide treatments for penis problems, male pattern hair loss, genitourinary problems, dermatological conditions, allergy testing, chronic conditions management, weight loss, contraception advice, vaccinations, and health screening.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right men’s clinic for your needs. Before making a choice, you should consider how convenient accessibility is and  your disposition towards talking about your health problems. Ideally, doctors would need to assess you to facilitate diagnosis and prescription. If you are considering opting for teleconsultation, be ready to help your physician by giving them all the helpful answers.