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Dr. Marc Fajardo

Hand Surgery

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Hinsdale Orthopaedic Associates, S.C.
550 W Ogden Ave
Hinsdale, IL, 60521-3186, USA

(630) 323-6116
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Dr. Marc Fajardo is a Hand Surgeon in Hinsdale, IL, USA

Specialities :

  • Hand Surgery
    Hand surgery is a field that helps patients with a variety of health issues involving the hands. This can include both surgical and non-surgical care. These doctors treat conditions that present not only in the hands but also the arms. These conditions may include infections, abrasions, injuries, and arthritis. Surgeons trained in orthopedic surgery, general surgery, and even plastic surgery are all qualified to perform surgeries on the hands or provide other treatment for this area.
  • Orthopedics
    An orthopedic doctor is a medical professional who has the education and skill to treat patients who are suffering from problems affecting the orthopedic system – bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. They can diagnose health problems, repair broken bones, and help treat pain and mobility disorders caused by health problems or illnesses.


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