Provide uninterrupted quality healthcare services to your patients virtually

Telehealth lets you connect with new and existing patients with live video and provide quality, virtual care to your patients anytime, anywhere.


Experience the faster, easier and more affordable way to provide healthcare services

Attend emergency consultation requests online

Got a last moment emergency patient to attend to on a weekend? Forget the usual ‘drive to the clinic’ and manage your emergency consultation requests online on any device, from the comfort of your home.

Engage with your patients on Cloud-based operatory

Quickly log in to your account and share an invitation link to your operatory in the cloud with your patients. Enjoy two-way texting capabilities for maximum convenience and patient satisfaction.

Access to premium healthcare has never been easier!

Safe & Secure

No Downloads

High Quality Video

Screen Share

Device Agnostic

Recorded Sessions

How does it work?

What’s more?


Provider View

Get immediate access to the patient’s data on the screen

Share the conference link with other parties (spouse, family, specialists, and other staff)


Patient View

Patients can access the link via any device: smartphone, laptop and tablet with audio/video capabilities.

The software adapts according to the device

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