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Vantage Health Plan

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Overview of Vantage Health Plan

In 1994, Vantage Health Plan, Inc., was formed by physicians who wanted to provide quality healthcare coverage through the teamwork of physicians and their patients. That commitment to quality and care is still inherent in Vantage today. Vantage’s membership has grown steadily over the past 20 years, now providing health insurance coverage for nearly 40,000 members and contracting with over 15,000 healthcare providers. Vantage prides itself in offering friendly, excellent customer service and quality healthcare products.

Vantage continues the belief that health insurance should be affordable and customer service should be local and compassionate. With the corporate offices in Monroe, Louisiana, Vantage has expanded with office locations in Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Oak Grove, Mangham, and more!

With products including Individual, Medicare Advantage, and plans for Louisiana State employees with the Office of Group Benefits, Vantage has health insurance for everyone!

Vantage is a visible example of commitment to the lives of our members and community. Vantage hosts tailgating parties for the community during several events including the Warhawk Triathlon and Dragon Boat Races. Employees also volunteer in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk, Ouachita Council on Aging’s Shindig, Party on the Rooftop, and the American Heart Association’s Go Red event. Vantage’s co-ed softball team also participates every year in the community league.

Nothing, however, is more evident of Vantage’s commitment than the ongoing beautification efforts of downtown Monroe. In addition to completely renovating every floor of the Vantage Tower (formerly Ouachita National Bank), Vantage also purchased the former Central Bank Building, located at 300 DeSiard Street. Along with the renovations to the Vantage Central Building, the new Central Park was added as a symbol of the rebirth and renewal of downtown Monroe. The park offers employees a place for relaxation and the citizens of Monroe something to admire. In early 2017, Vantage opened the Vantage State Building in downtown Monroe. This building, built in 1925, began as the Virginia Hotel and became the State Office Building. The six-story office building houses Vantage’s Marketing and Member Services departments, a beautifully renovated lobby and mezzanine, the “Rooftop Garden” for meetings and private events, and two large retail spaces on the ground floor.

Currently, Vantage owns a total of seven buildings and five parking lots downtown.



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