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Dr. William Peterson

Gastroenterology, Springfield, IL

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Address: Dr. William Peterson
Springfield Clinic Main Campus
1025 S 6th St
Springfield, IL, 62703-2403, USA

Phone: (217) 528-7541
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Dr. William Peterson is a Gastroenterologist in Springfield, IL, USA. Dr. William Peterson evaluates and treat problems of esophagus, stomach, liver, intestine, colon, rectum. Dr. William Peterson treats patients suffering from heartburn, GERD, IBS, Crohn’s disease, abdominal pain. Gastroenterologists may recommend procedures like endoscopy, colonoscopy, CT scan, abdominal ultrasound to diagnose your medical condition. You can find contact information like phone number, practice website, office address and reviews for Dr. William Peterson.

Specialities : Gastroenterology

Location : 

Springfield Clinic Main Campus
1025 S 6th St
Springfield, IL, 62703-2403, USA

Medical/Dental/Professional School : University Of North Dakota School Of Medicine
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Gender : Male

Academic Affiliation : No Affiliation

Affiliated Hospitals :
Springfield Clinic Surgery Center
Passavant Area Hospital
HSHS St John's Hospital
Memorial Medical Center


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Date Visited: 01-2018

He was very thorough and professional. He answered all of our questions by the end of our visit.

Created at: 20 Jan

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