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COMPLETELY UNSATISFACTORY. Walked in with terrible pain from a cracked tooth. Sat in a back office chair for more than an hour waiting for X-Rays, then told that a DEEP CLEANING will fix it. They ran up the bill with per tooth charges maxing out my & my wife's insurance coverage to include several charges for per-tooth anti-biotic drops NOT PERFORMED. We PAID IN FULL all charges not covered by insurance at the time of service which amounted to more than $200 EACH. We contacted our insurance company & told them that some of the charges had been for those anti-biotic drops scheduled for a *follow-up* 2nd half of the *deep cleaning* that we canceled as soon as we got out of there on our first visit.

In addition to leaving me in HORRIBLE PAIN for 2 WEEKS while trying to find a competent honest dentist, Quail Hollow BILLED us for those anti-biotic drops NOT PERFORMED the insurance did not pay. We disputed the bill & wrote them a bad review. Quail Hollow RETALIATED by pushing an $81 bill into collections.

STAY CLEAR as they are an insurance SCAM that has little to do with dental services.

Chances are VERY GOOD that most if not all of the *Good Reviews* on this site are fake ones done by employees or family members.

BTW, We did find a great Dentist located in New Tampa named Dr. Nicole Mitchell who fixed up my cracked tooth with literally no pain & was glad to pay her for the regular *cleaning* as Quail Hollow had used up all of our insurance coverage for that procedure for the whole year.

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