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Overview of Dental Care at Landstar Commons

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Patient reviews of Dental Care at Landstar Commons


My experience with Dental Care at Landstar has been awful. I initially went in for a painful broken tooth that needed to be extracted and came out without having the extraction but a bill for $2063.00 after having $1,500 taken from my insurance.
Total bill $3,563.00

What happened.
I came in for a painful broken tooth and needed an extraction I then casually mentioned that I would probably need dentures eventually to them and then began the upselling a full set of dentures. Becoming excited with the idea of a new smile I signed the dotted line and left.

I went home and reviewed what had just happened and soon realized I was going to be financially difficult for me to pay off, I was not even receiving the permanent dentures only temporary so the final bill would be considerably higher in the end. So, I decided to return without delay the very next morning at 8 am to let them know I had second thoughts and financial concerns and wished to cancel the procedure before any dentures were made. They told me that I could not and there was nothing they could do about it because the order had gone through.

Since then, after many phone calls and a couple of visits to the office over a 3-month period I was told I will receive a reimbursement of $1700 and that it had been posted to Credit Care 8/02 it is now 9/09 and no sign of reimbursement.

Bottom line.
They have billed me for $3,563.00 which includes the $1500 from my insurance. (I have received no product should the Insurance pay?)
I was originally billed 5/10/22 it is now 09/09/22 4 months! and I have nothing to show for it. No product, no reimbursement.

I understand that I am responsible for a Comprehensive Oral Evaluation $81.00 and an Intraoral Full Mouth Images $122.00 Ultimately, even if I am reimbursed it's going to actually cost me over $500.00 for the above procedures.

*Since I posted this review, I received a call telling me the reimbursement was being expedited and I should receive within 7 days.

Dealing with this Dental practice has been awful and has contributed along with my gullible self to my credit taking a hit. They took nearly 4 months to refund me which led to some late payment charges. Trashed my credit.
On top of that they took $1500.00 from my insurance, and I never received a product.

  • Date Visited 09-2022
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