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Overview of Dental Care at Foxbank

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Patient reviews of Dental Care at Foxbank


I received at least 10 texts and 10 emails confirming my appointment. I received 7 calls, each asking me for the same insurance information. No one talks to each other at the office so when they call be prepared to answer same questions. When I arrived, I sat there waiting for someone to call me back. I waited 35 minutes and was called back to start the teeth cleaning process 30 minutes after my scheduled appointment. Funny thing is I was only person in office other than the people that worked there. WhennI asked the hygienist if she could finish my appointment in the remaining 40 minutes, she told me I would have to reschedule. I never did see the dentist and hope he reads these because they will lose a lot of business with their poor customer service. You should run from this place. If they can’t get the appointment and my insurance right in the three weeks they had before my appointment, I can only imagine how the hygienist and dentist would have been!!!!!

  • Date Visited 10-2022
  • Overall Satisfaction

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