What You Need to Know Before Buying A Breathing Support Device

What You Need to Know Before Buying A Breathing Support Device | HealthSoul

Perhaps you are looking to improve any symptoms of asthma or COPD, or you are looking to energize and boost your performance when exercising or competing. Whatever your aim and end goal, strengthening your lungs will benefit you in your everyday life, whether performance-related or health-related.

In doing so, you would live everyday without experiencing any breathing problems. If this is what you want, a breathing support device is just what you need. Here are some important things you should know before buying one.

Know your brands

When looking at breathing support devices there are lots of things you need to consider, but where do you start? Ideally you would start by looking at the brands on offer. There are lots of brands and lung trainers to choose from, some lung trainers are of course better than others. Some brands focus specifically on producing breathing support devices while others have it as an additional product they sell. So, is the brand up and coming and new, or, is it established and well known. Are there any brands or names you should actively avoid? Once you have done your research your next step is to look at costs.

How much should a Lung Trainer cost

The cost of a new device will depend on who has made it and what functions it offers. You can be looking in the region of $20 – $50 for a decent trainer that provides you with the results you seek. There are of course more high specification trainers that cost more but you need to decide early on how much you want to spend to train your lungs and effectively open your airways and ultimately breathe easier.

As well as cost considerations you also need to consider recommendations and reviews that have been made by real customers. What are users saying about the product and are they seeing any health improvements with how easily they are breathing. Is the product all show and no go, or does it actually work? Reading and using reviews to narrow down your list of suitable products, not only saves you time and energy but hassle too as somebody else has done all of the hardwood and legwork for you.

What do you want to achieve?

This is super important and should be the main reason for purchasing. So, are you looking to purchase a lung trainer to help with your asthma or are you looking to help ease the after-effects of smoking and the potential damage it has caused? As there are so many different types of lung trainers and breathing support devices that tackle different symptoms and causes then knowing what you want to tackle in the first place is a great starting point.

How do you choose the right one?

The choice is ultimately personal but drawing up a list of pros and cons for your top three favorite models will allow you to quickly and clearly see which option is right for you. If written reviews are not enough for you then it is advantageous to search for video reviews of the product in action. If the product looks clunky, awkward or heavy to use, it might rule it out for you instantly. On the flip side if a product is too light, you may be left with questions over its quality and durability. Pictures are of course really useful. However, videos are fantastic as you are seeing the product in use, and they give you a simulation that is as close to real life as possible. A real consideration is also how easy it is to clean and maintain. If it is too time consuming or laborious to clean you are just not going to want to use it, so it will be a waste of time, money and space. Too much plastic and too many components will make cleaning difficult and tedious.

What do you want to Achieve

As with anything concerning your health, you should consult a medical or care professional before using any new device, and you should also think about any side effects of implementing and using a new device. It is important to use devices with caution and not to overexert yourself as this could potentially lead to long term damage. Always follow manufacturers’ guidelines in terms of usage, storage, and replacement, as not doing so could void any warranty or guarantee that you get at the time of purchase.

Using a standalone breathing support device could be good but in addition, it would be beneficial to ensure your diet is healthy and balanced. Having fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, as well as your correct intake of protein, vitamins, fat and carbohydrates are essential to a happy and healthy body both now and in the future.