What to Expect Before Going to a Fertility Clinic

What to Expect Before Going to a Fertility Clinic| HealthSoul

Going to a fertility clinic is the first option one would do when struggling or suspecting infertility. It offers you solutions in the form of treatments that suit your situation. As you schedule an appointment, how much do you know about getting treatment at a fertility clinic?

You and your partner need to prepare for things when coming to the clinic, as this is quite a delicate matter involving health and high expenses. With this, you should be able to have an idea as to how it would go. The following are the things you should be expecting when going to a Fertility Clinic.


Interviews are vital for the specialist to determine the cause of your concerns. So they will first give you the floor so you can talk about why you are there and what issues you are facing. Afterward, they will ask a series of questions, with some related to what you’ve told them, as well as those leading them to a clue to understanding your situation better.

With this, both you and your partner should answer each question truthfully. Some questions may be personal, but such questions will be necessary to solve the issue you may face—answer precisely what the doctor wants to hear to get straight to the point. You may also add more specific details that you think will help identify what solution you need.


There are cases when you may need to undergo treatment immediately. While this only depends on what the situation is, there is still a possibility that you may want or need to get one right away.

Clinics may vary in what services they can provide to their patients. But a fertility clinic in Perth, New York, Ontario, or whichever city you live in can nonetheless provide the most typical fertility treatments. Moreover, most available treatments do not necessarily have to be done immediately.

There is always time for you and your partner to decide whether you want to undergo treatment or not, especially if said treatment is nothing urgent. There may be things you still need to learn or prepare. Perhaps you may consider another treatment or be adamant about proceeding primarily if you are offered a surgical fertility treatment.

Take your time deciding whether or not you would go through the offered treatments immediately. Consider a few factors: the kind of treatment, the total amount of time it takes to undergo and recover from it, and the expenses.


Another thing that you should expect when going to a fertility clinic is that you may have to undergo tests. This is so that the doctors can further verify the extent of the infertility concerns and will know how to address them. Examples of these tests include blood tests, x-rays, and ultrasounds.

Tests for patients may significantly vary in terms of sex and other concerns laid upon by the doctor upon consultation. Moreover, they come at a price. You may want to have the tests done within the day, or you can have them scheduled for another day. You can also ask about the tests before consultation day to prepare the money to pay on the day.

The (Most Likely Expensive) Treatment Fees

Like many private medical treatments, fertility treatments can cost money. The price can go from hundreds of dollars to even thousands of dollars. This varies on mainly three aspects: the type of treatment, the time the treatment will take, and the equipment used. These fees do not even include the initial consultation and testing you will undergo.

With this, you need to plan your expenses. Do not go into treatment immediately if you are unsure of your budget. If possible, ask ahead for the treatments’ total or at least the estimated price. Also, ask for additional costs that may not be apparent during the procedure.

Furthermore, if you have insurance, contact the company and inquire if they can cover the treatments and how much can be spent. This will help ease your worries about having to spend too much.

Regular Visits

Depending on the kind of treatment you will get, chances are you will keep returning to the clinic. Many treatments aren’t a one-time thing. They last for days, even weeks, as you or your partner will go through one stage at a time. An IVF, for example, can take up to three weeks.

Additionally, you will also have to keep observing your conditions. You or your partner should make sure that things have been going smoothly. Some fertility treatments or medications give unpleasant side effects, and it would be better to get checked to be safe.

To Sum it Up

You must be prepared if you or your partner undergo fertility treatment at a fertility clinic. Always research before the visit, and prepare your budget for the high-cost expenses.