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As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep across the globe, people are dealing with many fears surrounding their senior relatives. We know that those over the age of 65 are at higher risk of death if they contract the virus so, extraordinary measures are being taken to protect our seniors.

With the Baby Boomer generation rapidly aging, the need for special retirement care has increased. But, how do families ensure that their loved ones will be properly protected in a senior living facility? There have already been reported outbreaks in nursing homes around the world. Family members are wondering how to find a facility where their parents or loved ones can safely live out their retirement years.

The fact is, that regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the considerations you should investigate when looking for a retirement home are the same as they have always been. Although you will want to ask questions about the proactive pandemic plan that each facility has in place, you will still want to weigh all your options for your loved one’s long-term care. 

Quality retirement communities like Country Meadows are going to unprecedented lengths to protect their residents at all times including during this pandemic. If you are looking for a place for your parents or family members, there are several things to consider, including a facility that is mandating a strong Coronavirus response program.


The top consideration for most families when choosing a retirement home is the cost. Most pensioners are living on a tight fixed monthly income that will only stretch so far. The advantage of retirement community living is that almost all regular expenses are included in your monthly costs. 

Before you begin your search you will need to take a look at your available finances. Remember that most amenities like a meal program, private or semi-private accommodations, phone service, and internet are included with your fees. From there you can take a clear look at what is affordable for you.

Health Care Access

Every resident requires a different level of care. Have an honest conversation with your family member’s doctors and caregivers about the level of care that will be required. Retirement communities often offer a variety of levels of assisted care. The amount of medical care that is required will affect the price of your monthly rent.

Find out if there is a doctor on staff for emergencies, if a general medical clinic is on-site, what the different levels of monitoring include and the nurse to patient ratio that you can expect.


Residents are always interested to know what kind of access they will have in their new home. This can include physical access like single level dwellings and wheelchair accessibility. It can also include the outside accessibility to nearby restaurants and shopping. 

Your parents or loved one may benefit from finding a retirement home that is walkable distance to things that they enjoy like a theater or grocery store. This can allow them to embrace their independence while still living in a safe community.

Check out what kind of parking is available for residents and guests and whether there is close access to public transportation. Also, talk to the staff about security issues like locked-down doors and lighted outdoor areas.


The bonus of retirement living is that your loved one will be surrounded by many people of their own generation with similar interests. You should compare the list of amenities that each facility that you are considering has to offer to find one with a general retirement lifestyle that will best fit your loved one. 

Take a tour through all the facilities and ask to stay for a meal so that you can try out the quality of their food service. Find out what kinds of activities, clubs and groups are offered to residents. Most communities offer many different activities, including exercise facilities, day trips and games.

Crisis Management

It’s important for family members to be able to trust that they are leaving their senior loved ones in the best care. The advancement of the Coronavirus pandemic has created uncertain times for everyone, especially seniors. Talk to each facility manager about the details of their pandemic response plan.

Find out how they are helping their residents protect themselves and each other and whether they are offering additional support for those that are struggling with the isolation. Being separate due to shelter in place ordinances can be emotionally difficult for seniors who look forward to their family visits.

Make certain that each facility that you are considering has a strong Pandemic response plan in place. Find out about all restrictions, protective measures including mask-wearing, social distancing guidelines and handwashing protocols. It’s also a good idea to look into the kinds of educational programs each community has in place for informing both their staff and residents about developments during the pandemic.

Choosing a retirement home for your senior parent or loved one can be an emotionally difficult responsibility. With the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, it can make the process harder. Do your research and consider all these aspects to help you find the right community facility where your loved ones will enjoy their senior years in safety and security.

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