What Are The Main Types of Fat-Burning Supplements?

What Are The Main Types of Fat-Burning Supplements? | HealthSoul

Have some trouble losing weight? Or dream of losing weight faster? There’s one simple rule you should always follow – eat less and move more. Partially, it’s correctly, but we all are different and what works in one case won’t work in the other one. Sometimes, the process of losing weight seems to be terrible. You need to count calories, exercise at least four times per week, move as more as you can, etc. Moreover, you get disappointed when you can’t get a result. It goes without saying that some people give up.

Fortunately, there may be a better way to lose weight. The technology is continually evolving, and new scientific achievements make our lives easier every day. In this post, we’ll share some pieces of advice on how to choose the best supplement that will help you lose weight faster. Simply put, here, you can find the best supplement reviews that will help you speed up the process of losing weight. So get comfortable and have a look!

The main goal of top fat burners or nutrition supplements is to increase your metabolism and help your organism burn fat faster. Of course, they won’t solve all your weight problems, but in the majority of cases, they help users lose weight more quickly.


The main thing you should know about caffeine is that it can boost your metabolism and help your organism lose extra kilos faster. It is found in cocoa beans, green tea and coffee. Scientists proved that this supplement could improve your metabolism by up to 17%. But this doesn’t mean you should drink more than two cups of coffee every day. There are cases, when caffeine may be dangerous for your health. So to avoid after effects, it would be better to consult your doctor. If you don’t have any contraindications, you can take two cups of strong coffee per day.

The Extract of Green Tea

It’s a concentrated form of green tea that usually comes in the form of capsules and powder. It includes the polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate that helps burn fat faster. Moreover, scientists proved that caffeine and green tea extract help people burn 17% more fat. So if your goal is to lose a few extra kilos, mind that you can take 3-4 cups of green tea per day.

Carb Blockers

The main goal of carb blockers is to inhibit the enzymes in order to digest carbohydrates that are usually found in food. As a result, they enable the carbohydrates to pass through your body without adding to your calorie intake.

It goes without saying that the whole weight loss process depends on the total calories consumed. However, when it is possible to remove all these calories, fat loss is improved.

Fat Blockers

Next up on our list are fat blockers. These supplements help prevent the digestion of fat calories that you consume on a daily basis. Chitosan is the main ingredient of such supplements. When fat is in the digestive tract, it binds to it and becomes absorbed. As a result, it transfers into body fat stores faster.

Fat Burners That Regulate Thyroid

Unfortunately, in some instances, the thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones that keep your metabolism working properly. When a person has a slowed metabolism, he or she usually complains about a weight gain. Moreover, it is also accompanied by feeling cold or feeling fatigued. In such a scenario, thyroid regulating fat burners can help people fix these issues. These supplements deliver forskolin and guggulsterone – the vital substances that are produced by the thyroid. Both allow people to increase their metabolic rate and enable thyroid work effectively. However, you can’t buy and start taking thyroid regulating fat burners. You can take them only if you have a severe thyroid issue. But please consult your physician first.

Appetite Suppressants

It is definitely good if you have a good appetite, but if you feel that it doesn’t stop, you’ll quickly gain a few extra kilos. Indeed, there are lots of physical factors that influence your appetite. This is where appetite suppressants might come in handy. This type of fat burner enables you to decrease your appetite and speed up the process of losing weight. The key ingredient of the majority of appetite suppressants is Hoodia. Initially, it was used during the long and exhausting expeditions in Africa. Today, it’s the main component of appetite suppressants. If it’s an issue for you, you can take fat burners.

Protein Powder

It’s a natural fat burner, which is very important for losing weight. You know that high protein intake can help you lose weight faster. It goes without saying that protein boosts your metabolism and even enables your organism to preserve muscle mass. Moreover, if you take more protein, you’ll curb your appetite. You can either consume enough protein-rich foods or buy protein powder supplements. When choosing the right supplement, you should make sure it doesn’t include sugar or any additives. To increase protein intake, you may also eat food, rich in protein – eggs, whey, meat, milk products, etc.

If you are greatly concerned over the question of which fat burner to choose, keep all these options in mind. But it would be better if you consult your physician or trainer. In this case, you may feel confident that you are on the right way! When you choose the right product, you’ll increase the chances of losing weight!