Understanding ED: Causes and Treatment Options

Understanding ED: Causes and Treatment Options

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread issue among males but is rarely ever discussed. Although it is very common and can be caused by many factors, many people are unaware of their options when it comes to solving the problem and improving their quality of life. The get to the root of the issue, there must first be an understanding of what could be causing it. Read below for a detailed description of the different causes of erectile dysfunction and what treatment options are out there for you.


From issues with hormones to stress, there are a wide variety of reasons why someone may be struggling with erectile dysfunction. The inability to perform may even be a result of a mix of issues, so knowing all of the factors that could be contributing to it will help you pinpoint what is happening to you and help you get on the right path to solving this problem. 


There are many physical problems that may result in erectile dysfunction in a person’s life. Below is a short list of things to look out for.

Heart Disease

The function of the heart is the pump blood to all parts of the body at all times. When a person is diagnosed with a heart disease, it means that their heart is not functioning at normal capacity. The way in which an erection works is that blood is pumped into the penis at a fast rate in order to allow the appendage to grow in size. Many people with cardiovascular disease simply do not have a strong enough heart to accomplish this function. 


Diabetes, along with being overweight, can affect a person’s sexual functions because of the high blood sugar levels in the body. Persistent high blood sugar can lead to nerve and blood vessel damage. This can affect a person’s ability to pump blood correctly as well as alter sensations in certain areas of the body. Arousal may be more difficult if a person has damaged nerves.

Certain Medications

Many different kinds of medications can change a person’s brain chemistry and lead to issues with getting an erection. Medications for illnesses like hypertension and depression can numb the emotional center of a person’s brain, making it harder to, well, get hard. There are many ways to get quality Viagra that will not interact with other drugs you are taking for any diseases you may have. The most important thing to ask your doctor is whether or not Viagra can solve the issues you are having.

Substance Abuse

People who have a complicated relationship with alcohol or other drugs can often find themselves unable to perform in bed when the time comes. Alcohol is a depressant, so if someone drinks a lot of alcohol, their central nervous system becomes numbed, making it harder for the brain to communicate with the rest of the body and tell it what to do. This is why many people who try to perform after being out partying all night often struggle to do so. Other drugs like tobacco can cause long-term health problems that may lead to erectile dysfunction later in life.


The brain is the control system of all bodily functions, so when something goes wrong with it, there are bound to be problems. Below are the top psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.


Depression is known to cause decreased libido due to a lack of desire to do many things. Medications that are taken to treat depression are also a factor when it comes to being able to perform in bed.  

Degenerative Neurological Diseases

Diseases and disorders like Alzheimer’s can play a role in a person’s sex drive and their ability to get and maintain an erection. When the brain is degenerating, it starts to lose its ability to command certain functions in order to spend most of its energies on essential functions. In old age and with a declining neurological status, some men experience erectile dysfunction as the body does not see biological function as essential for survival. 

Performance Anxiety

Although it is a topic that most men are ashamed to talk about, performance anxiety is a real issue that many men struggle with. There is a lot of pressure to perform in the bedroom and if someone is being overly pressured by a partner or they are being shamed for not performing well, the stress of the situation can cause sexual functions to shut down. When the time comes to perform, a person can be so nervous about doing a good job, that the pleasure is completely taken out of the situation. 


The treatment of erectile dysfunction may require more than one method, so check out the many options you have below to decide your course of action.


The top medication taken to help with erectile dysfunction is Viagra as its sole purpose is to increase blood flow to the penis and give a patient an erection. If you are considering taking Viagra, consult your doctor beforehand to make sure that it will not interact with any other medication you may be taking. Testosterone replacement therapy is another helpful option if the cause of your erectile dysfunction has to do with decreased levels of testosterone. 

Lifestyle Changes

As mentioned above, substance abuse is a big cause of erectile dysfunction, so cutting back on drinking or any other substances can show a drastic difference in your ability to perform. Regular exercise can also improve your erectile dysfunction as it helps you maintain good cardiovascular health and, thus, better blood flow throughout the body. Eating a healthy diet can also help your heart health, making your body stronger and better equipped to perform in bed.

Surgical Options

In extreme cases where everything else has failed, some people decide to get penile implants. This is where a surgeon places an inflatable or malleable rod into the penis so that the person can control exactly when they can get an erection. This offers a permanent solution to the problem.

Living with erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing and stressful, but you are not alone. Educating yourself about the causes of the issue and how to treat it will put the power back in your hands.