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Seeds are a powerhouse of energy and nutrients. This is why they can develop into fully grown trees once they are sewn into the soil. They are sources of fiber content, good fats like mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and much more. Considering all these benefits of seeds, we can use them to derive benefits for the human body, such as a decrease in High Blood Pressure, control of cholesterol, sugar control, etc.

Many people question that what are chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, etc? Well, they are all rich sources of energy and nutrients.We will share a few of them here for your information, and understanding. 

Flax Seeds, or Linseeds

These seeds have a high amount of acid called Alpha-Linolenic Acid, and a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids. The human digestive system can easily digest this seed because along with omega-3 fatty acids, there are fiber contents mixed in it. This makes the seed easy to digest. If you want to increase good fat content in the body and get rid of extra cholesterol then start using the powder form of the seed. It will help you change your body health condition.


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Chia Seeds

Another very good seed that is naturally perfect for the human body is Chia seed. It has so many nutrients that you will be amazed to know. It is rich in iron, and magnesium, so anyone having a deficiency of these two nutrients can start using these seeds. Along with this, the omega-3 fatty acid in combination with fiber helps in good digestion of food in the stomach. Indirectly, it helps in maintaining the good condition of the gut, prevents constipation, and helps in developing strength in the whole body. It is also known that these seeds help in treating people suffering from eczema, and heart-related diseases. Other studies show their effect on the skin for which they reduce dryness, itchiness, and puffiness around the eyes. You can use it in any amount, and without the danger of toxicity.

Hemp Seeds

This seed, unlike flaxseed and chia seed, contains more amount of protein than fat contents and fiber. This means that, if you cannot afford to eat meat, or maybe you are allergic to it, you still can get the right amount or dose through these seeds. Magnesium contents cover 45 percent of the hem seed, and this amount is just right for the human body. If you start to take in 28 grams of these seeds daily, they would be enough to fulfill your nutritional needs. 


Healthy seeds make a healthy body, and the list of seeds shared above consists of the best seeds ever. They have beneficial effects on the heart, skin, lungs, gut system, brain, hairs, nails, and almost every part of the human body. So, make them part of your diet, use them in combination, and see how they will handle your system. The transformation would be amazing, and we would like to see that in you.

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