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Walnuts are one of the healthiest nuts you can include in your diet, as they come with some unique health benefits. From their anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid content to their plant-based protein and healthy fat content, here’s a little more about why walnuts make a great addition to a healthy diet. 

4 Reasons to Add Walnuts to Your Diet 

#1 Rich in Plant-based Omega-3 Fatty Acids: One of the most impressive health benefits of walnuts is the fact that they pack in a hefty dose of plant-based omega-3’s. We need omega-3 fatty acids to help support heart health, brain health and reduce inflammation. They are a great option if you aren’t a big fish eater, and need a plant-based way to get your omega-3’s in, or if you just want to balance your sources of where you get your omega-3’s from. 

#2 Rich in Healthy Fats: In addition to omega-3’s, walnuts are also rich in monounsaturated fats, the healthy fat you want more of. Consider adding these as well as other nuts to your diet for a boost of healthy fats. 

#3 Great Source of Plant-based Protein: While walnuts are rich in fat, they are also a great source of plant-based protein. Walnuts pack in some protein, so they make a great addition to a balanced diet. 

#4 Serve as a Great Healthy Snack: With all the health benefits walnuts have to offer, they make a great healthy snack choice. You can add them to things like homemade trail mix, served with a bowl of oatmeal, added to homemade almond muffins or guilt-free homemade almond flour cookies, or even made into homemade walnut milk. 

4 Reasons to Add Walnuts to Your Diet | HealthSoul

The Bottom Line

Nuts are an ideal source of healthy fat and protein to add to your diet. They are great for plant-based eaters, or for those who eat fish but are looking for ways to add more plant-based fats or protein into their diet. 

The bottom line is that walnuts make a great addition to a balanced diet and can be a go-to healthy fat choice when you are looking for a filling and nutritious snack.

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