The Connection Between CBD and Sleep

The Connection Between CBD and Sleep | HealthSoul

For ages, people have used marijuana plants as medication. Starting from thousands of millions of years B. C., our ancestors noted that consuming (chewing, making tea, or smoking) this plat could affect their cognition and body. Marijuana was always famous for its pain-relieving effect. However, in modern times, the situation is quite different: people are used to perceiving cannabis as unhealthy by definition because of its negative effects on cognition and the ability to cause addiction. Even if so, this is not the reason to abandon its useful properties.

What is CBD (or Cannabidiol)?

To clarify the connections of consuming CBD element of marijuana and the process of a person’s sleep, we have to understand what the CBD is. It is a non-addictive substance that has been linked to reducing stress, relieving inflammation, and alleviating seizures. Thanks to clinical researches, we can claim that CBD might be used to cure some movement disorders, relieve pain, better appetite, and decrease anxiety, without transforming the cognition.

Having heard this for the first, you would probably like to object. People are sure that, for example, when taking marijuana, individuals often experience anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, increased risk of addiction, and other negative side effects. However, this is because the effects are a result of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) – another component of one of some 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants.

How can we get CBD into our body?

One of the most popular ways today is consuming vaping CBD oil through the CBD vape pen ( CBD extract covers about 40% of the plant, so it is nor a rare extract: having some marijuana, specialists could easily get it. A common person can buy it in a drugstore or some other place according to the laws and regulations of the place he or she inhabits. Pay attention to the fact that marijuana usage in some countries is completely restricted.

On the internet, there is plenty of information that the extraction, preparation, and consumption of CBD from different sources are quite easy by the way, and they’re still are a lot of ways for extracting more hemp and another plant from plants, buds, etc. They say that in the case of cannabis, a plant can be extracted very quickly with the use of high-potency oil. When the extraction is done by using high-potency oil, the THC can be completely removed without leaving any traces of the active ingredients.

However, we are to warn you that you can never be sure that you would not get addicted in case you try to get CBD on your own. It is better to bring your CBD candy to the future by use oils of high quality for a specially designed device called CBD vape pen. Even the cheapest CBD vape is safer than hand made oil.

How does cbd affect sleeping process?

The problem is rather sharp because according to the statistics (recent nationally representative CR survey of 1,267 U.S. adults), eight out of ten Americans face troubles with sleeping at least once a week. The discussion of whether marijuana helps or hider sleep seems to be never-ending. The fact that everyone agrees on is that marijuana could really be used for curing insomnia. Sleeping, or “lucid dreaming,” has long been believed to provide the most effective sleep aid for insomnia.

In one study of adults, researchers found that after just two nights of “low-grade” cannabis use, participants’ sleep quality improved by 22.9 percent — a staggering statistic for so little drug. In their study, the team found that the most effective method of sleep reduction for adult and young adult cannabis users was just taking it easy.

One of the participants of Stoptober – the governmental initiative in the UK, the goal of which is to change people’s lifestyle for better – told that after he stopped smoking joints and switched to CBD vape pen, he got better sleep.

CBD is good for sleeping; it can be easier to stay in the sun. Being anxious, stressed and feeling aches might cause sleeping problems. CBD, having its alleviating effects, could cope with it. Calming the central nervous system, which is one of the main effects of using vaping cbd oil, has a relaxing effect.

Using CBD can be helpful in case you do not suffer from the problems listed before too. The interaction of CBD with the receptors should be taken into account when we talk about curing insomnia. CBD customizes the cycles of sleep for you.

Such facts prove that CBD has some effect on the sleeping process itself, but what do the scientists say?

On the surface, it is hard to simply explain why these chemicals would interact in a harmful manner in the brain. The brain contains the same neurotransmitters as any other organ, but they have distinct roles, such as neurotransmitters in controlling how the brain functions throughout the day for humans.

Joseph Maroon, M.D., a clinical professor and neurosurgeon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, was one of those who held relevant study. He claims that consumption of CBD, which eases stress, anxiety, and pain, helps to avoid sleeping problems connected with suffering from stress, anxiety, and pain.

CBD might also directly affect the brain cells, which are responsible for managing sleep and wake cycles. The review “Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Sleep” was published in Current Psychiatry Reports in 2017.

For sure, a good puff of cbd pen cannot be a new Ambien now, but, who knows, maybe in twenty years we would be presented a new pill with CBD, which would help to prevent and cure insomnia splashes.