Welcome to the Nephrology Blogs. Nephrology is the medical field that involves diagnosing, studying and treating the kidneys. Kidneys are the crucial organs that filter out contaminants from the blood and create urine. They are also important in many other functions of the body – they make active vitamin D, manage blood pressure, facilitate creation of red blood cells and much more. Maintaining kidney health and treating kidney disorders falls under nephrology, a specialty of internal medicine. Nephrologists specialize in kidney disorders and helping achieve healthy kidney function. This can include kidney dialysis, vascular diseases that affect the kidneys, hypertension (high blood pressure), chronic kidney disease, kidney failure and kidney transplants. Improving the health and function of the kidneys and preventing kidney failure is a key component of nephrology – in severe disorders or injuries that stop kidney function, they can provide dialysis and transplant procedures. Learn more about kidney disorders and treatments available by viewing our nephrology blogs.