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What is an Oncologist?

An oncologist is a medical professional who has the education and training necessary to diagnose and treat various type of cancers. Oncologists practice in hospitals and medical centers, university hospitals, and research organizations. In addition to diagnosing and treating tumors and cancer, they conduct research to learn more about cancer and how it acts in the body to help develop new treatment options.

What is an Oncologist?

How does a doctor become an Oncologist?

To become an oncologist, a person must complete an accredited undergraduate program and then attend medical school for at least four years. After completing medical school, they must complete specialty training in oncology and attend a residency program. During the residency, they doctor will gain experience in oncology while learning from an experienced oncologist. To become a certified oncologist, the doctor must pass an exam given by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

What types of illnesses do Oncologists treat?

Oncologists treat all types of cancers. They can diagnose the type and location of the cancer and come up with the best way to treat it. Some of the most common types of cancer treated by oncologists include:

What types of illnesses do Oncologists treat?

What are the diagnostic tests and procedures ordered by an Oncologist?

Before oncologists can treat cancer, they must know what kind of cancer they are dealing with and where to find it. There are numerous diagnostic tests that can be used to help an oncologist produce the proper diagnosis. Some of the most common include:

What are the different types of Oncologists?

All oncologists treat cancer, but some oncologists specialize in treating a certain type of cancer. Some of the different types of oncologists include:

How do Oncologists treat cancer?

Oncologists treat a variety of cancers and they use several different methods to treat them. Certain cancers respond better to certain methods, as do certain patients. Oncologists work closely with their patients to find a treatment option that works best for them and offers the best prognosis. The treatments include:

When to see an Oncologist?

Knowing when to see an oncologist can be difficult. The sooner you begin treatment, the better the chances of beating cancer. You should see an oncologist for the following reasons:


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