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Many people do exercises for many reasons. Most people start exercising for health benefits. As many of us have come to know, exercise is essential for one to be healthy. Due to today’s lifestyle, many people are more likely to be unhealthy. This is because most people do not find enough time to work out and what we eat is rather bad for our health.

Many people like viewing themselves as not the competitive type. Many of us are quite comfortable with what we can do and do not need to compete with others. Once you have started benefiting from exercising, you may wonder how capable you are. You don’t have to compete with others to know how strong you are. Below is a test that will help you find out the level of strength you have.

The Pushup Test

Pushups are considered one of the most effective forms of exercise one can do. Many people have incorporated pushups into their workout routines for various reasons. This form of exercise is well-known to be effective in making the upper body stronger.

To know the level of strength you have, you need to do the three-minute pushup test. Just like the name of the exercise states, you are to do pushups for three minutes. You are allowed to stop for a rest, but you have to do as many pushups as you can in under three minutes.

Here is how you rank according to the number of pushups you can do in the given time. Those who do between fifty-five to seventy-four pushups have average strength. Those who are between seventy-five and ninety-nine push-ups have good strength. Those who do a hundred to a hundred and ten are considered to have excellent strength. Those who surpass a hundred and eleven pushups in three minutes have extraordinary strength. Becoming stronger is not always easy. You can hop over to this web-site to learn how you can in cooperate supplements and hard work to be stronger than before.

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Deadlift Test

The deadlift is a common way to evaluate your strength. This form of exercise usually involves a lot of heavyweights. It is rather incredible how much most people can deadlift. When doing deadlifts, you end up involving both your upper and lower body muscles. In a way, it is a whole-body exercise that primarily focuses on the back muscles. It is fair to state that the more weight you can deadlift, the stronger you are. 

It is crucial to note that we are not all the same when it comes to physical abilities. Comparing yourself to top athletes may not be wise if you are a beginner. To do the deadlift test, you will use your body weight to rate the score.

Those who can lift their body weight are considered to be average. If you can lift your body weight every minute for ten minutes, then you have good strength. If you can lift double what you weigh, then you are considered to have excellent strength. Those who can deadlift more than two times their weight are considered to have extraordinary strength.


It is always good to try to be in your top form. Testing your limits will be good for enabling you to know how far you are from your goals. You can do the above test to find out what level of strength you have.

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