Healthcare in Oman: Hospitals and Health Insurance

Healthcare in Oman: Hospitals and Health Insurance | HeathSoul

Healthcare in Oman

With a population of just under 4.5 million in 2015, Oman ranks 125th in the world by population and 69th by total area. The official language of Oman is Arabic. The currency is the Omani rial.

Oman ranks 8th in world health ranking per  WHO. In 2014, the total expenditure on health per person was $1,442, which is 3.5% of the GDP.  Omani males have a life expectancy at birth of 75 years, and females can expect to live 79 years. There are 2.43 physicians per 1,000 people in Oman as compared with 2.56 physicians per 1,000 people in the United States.

Hospitals in Oman

The Ministry of Health runs over 200 health care institutions across the country, including primary care centers, secondary care hospitals, and tertiary care super specialty hospitals. Over 50 public hospitals provide over 4,500 beds. With a focus on primary care, more than 95% of the population lives within 5k of a health center; even remote regions have a mobile clinic available.

In addition to 1,000 private clinics, 13 private hospitals and health centers have a total of about 450 beds. These facilities often require payment upfront. Other private medical facilities specialize in homeopathy, Chinese and traditional Hindu ayurvedic medicine.

Finally, 3 Royal Armed Forces hospitals have 323 beds, the Royal Oman Police Hospital has 74 beds, and the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital has 675 beds.

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Health Insurance in Oman

The Ministry of Health provides free universal healthcare to Omani citizens. Furthermore, it implemented an educational campaign designed to promote healthy lifestyles and combat non-communicable diseases.

Some employers pay for health insurance for their employees; however, exclusions often apply for specific private clinics and various medical services, such as mental health and dental care.

Supplementary, private insurance is available.

Travel (International) Health Insurance in Oman

Travel, or international, health insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage when traveling outside of one’s home country. Travel health insurance is different from travel insurance, as the latter may provide only emergency coverage but not full medical coverage.

Travelers should check with their health insurance provider, as they may already have an option of international health coverage. If they do not, they can purchase travel health insurance from their home country or the destination country.