Get your license verified with an online physician license lookup

Get your license verified with an online physician license lookup| HealthSoul

Are you wondering about the active status of your medical license?

An active medical license is essential for medical practice. A doctor cannot practice without a license. Also, an expired physician license can give a negative impression about your practice among your patients who perform an online physician license lookup before visiting you.

As the world has gone digital, your patients can check the active status of your license easily. Therefore, you need to be cautious about the status of your license. While an active website status helps build credibility about your practice an expired license can create a negative image of your practice among your patients.

Considering the importance of an active license you must ensure that your license status is verified. By getting your license verified your practice can benefit from it.

Let us now understand how an active physician license lookup can benefit your practice.

How does an active physician license help your practice?

An active physician license helps build trust among your potential patients. The other benefits of having an active physician license are:

  • Helps your potential patient understand about your education and expertise
  • Gives an insight to your potential patient about the history of your practice
  • Lets your patient know if you had a history of malpractice in the past
  • Help your patient know about the hospital you are affiliated to practice
  • Allow your patient to know about any medical research you have performed thereby showing them your skills and understanding of the disease.
  • Builds confidence and credibility about your practice among your potential audience.

Now that you have understood the benefits of having an active physician license, let us now understand about physician license look-up or how to check about the status of your physician license.

How to run an online physician license lookup?

Online physician license lookup is an online method to check the activity status of a doctors license.

Running a physician is crucial for ascertaining the credibility of a doctor. Here are a few ways by which you can run a physician lookup:

Search on local medical board

Local medical board permits help people to look for profiles for healthcare providers like physicians, nurses, and chiro practitioners registered in that state.

Usually, you can find the healthcare service provider’s board certificate, the status of their license, and the history of malpractice against the practitioner.

You can easily find the medical board’s search page online where you can look up a healthcare practitioner.

Check medical licenses with people search tools:

Before understanding how to look for a medical license with people search tools let us first understand what search tools are.

Well, search tools are certain search engines that allow their users to look for someone online.

Generally, these search engines are legal, and effective in finding people. With the help of these advanced search tools, one can get access to a detailed report of their healthcare practitioner license, board certificate, and any history of medical malpractice.

Some of the common search tools for physician license lookup include Truth finder, Intelius, and Been Verified.

These tools are simple to use however you might need to pay a trivial amount of money to use them.

Check for ABMS certification online:

ABMS or the American Board of Medical Specialties is one of the largest physician-led specialty certification organizations in the country. This also acts as a repertory to cross-check the board certificate and license of your doctor.

The ABMS website is easy to use, however, sometimes you may fail to verify your doctor’s board certificate on it. Some of the reason for failing to find your doctor on this website includes:

  • The doctor you are looking for might not have an active certification from the ABMS.
  • The doctor might have requested to keep their information private
  • Search terms might not be sufficient enough to trigger a response


An active license is crucial in medical practice especially for ensuring credibility among your patients about your practice. Generally, patients check their doctor’s license before their consultation to get an insight into the expertise of the doctor. An expired license can develop a negative impact on your practice as people might doubt your credibility. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your medical license is active, especially in the digital world where you are under constant check.

To ensure an active license status you must ensure timely physician license renewal. Besides ensuring timely renewal of the license you must also undergo a physician license look-up to get an idea of how your credentials show up for your potential patients.

If you have any licensing issues you can take the help of several online medical licensing services like Credidocs. Credidocs offers you licensing and credentialing services to ease your documentation process.