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The best and deepest clean your teeth get is when you make a trip to the Cosmetic dentist in Hampton. It's why most of us go. However, the truth is, most dentist offices offer much more than just a routine cleaning.

A great example of a comprehensive list of both conventional and unique services offered at the dentist's offices is somewhere like Certain dental offices have a huge variety of services for just about every need. Below are five of these services that you'd be surprised you can get at the dentist's office.

1 - Cosmetic Dentistry

Numerous procedures fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry. The most common of these would be braces, which most of us are familiar with as a service offered by a dentist's office. However, cosmetic dentistry also includes things like bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, and fillings. These are slightly less common than braces but are still considered cosmetic dentistry nonetheless.

Teeth whitening is also considered cosmetic dentistry. When you think of teeth whitening, the first things that come to mind are probably whitening strips or at-home light treatments. The truth is that you can get this done professionally at your regular dentist's office.

2 - TMJ & Jaw Pain Treatment

While you might discuss TMJ and other jaw pains with your dentist, they can also provide you treatment. You don't necessarily need to be referred to another doctor, which means your TMJ treatment can be done in house. It's more efficient this way since your dentist will be more familiar with your progress and can check in with you during routine cleanings.

3 - Sedation Treatment

Sedation is also a treatment being offered by dentist offices more frequently. We've all heard of sedation being used for treatments like wisdom teeth removal, but the truth is that it can be utilized for so much more. If you are someone who is extremely afraid of needles or has a low pain tolerance, sedation treatment is something that you can take advantage of.

Depending on the procedure you are having done, several types of sedation that are available. Oral sedation is most common. This essentially means you are taking a pill. This won't cause you to become fully sedated, but instead, you will be lucid with reduced anxiety.

Have a word with your dentist to discuss your options.


While rarer than the other procedures on this list, some dentists do offer BOTOX. Essentially, BOTOX is used cosmetically in order to erase wrinkles or other fine lines in the face. This might seem like something out of the ordinary, but it fits in quite well with other dentist administered cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening or braces.

Essentially, BOTOX is a neurotoxin that is inserted directly into the desired area. This process is virtually painless and only takes a few minutes. Not only does this procedure minimize fine lines and wrinkles, but with continued appointments, they can disappear completely.

As for the side effects of BOTOX, you may experience bruising or headaches. On the off chance that these do occur, they will usually disappear within one or two days after the injection.


While diagnosing and treating gum disease seems like a routine dentist office practice, the use of laser therapy to treat said gum disease is growing more and more popular.

This type of laser therapy is less invasive than previous procedures. It achieves this by operating on a specific wavelength of light and heat that destroys bacteria but doesn't damage your gums.



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