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An entire industry has sprung up around the need to create technologies that promote the wellbeing of senior citizens. This sector, often referred to as the active-aging industry, includes smart devices, healthcare gadgets, remote care apps, fitness tracking tools, and any other tech products that are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable for people over the age of 50. During the past few years, many new brands and inventions have spawned to accommodate this growing demographic. Amidst all of this activity and innovation, here are five of the most innovative ways senior citizens have been using technology to promote wellbeing:

1. Foldable Scooters

Motorized scooters are nothing new and using one is probably the most obvious way to drastically improve your mobility with a single purchase. However, recent advancements in foldable scooters are a notable innovation because they greatly simplify the steps involved in owning, transporting, and storing these useful personal transportation devices. Since newer foldable scooters make owning your own easier, they're some of the most valuable inventions for seniors due to the convenience and freedom of movement they provide.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Ironically, many seniors don’t even know what “the Internet of Everything” means and yet they benefit from it immensely every day. Essentially, IoT is just a term that describes the ongoing trend of all types of electronic devices gaining the ability to connect to the internet and share information in the cloud. This encompasses all smart home devices such as smart thermostats, automated window actuators, smart home remote controls, etc. Any device that a senior can control remotely via the internet is considered an IoT device. In a way, this convenience serves as a substitute for the frequent need to move around the home because everything can be done remotely.  

3. GPS Apps

Everyone knows that driving and navigating can become more difficult as you age, especially with urban traffic congestion ongoing road work, and the complexity of digital maps. GPS apps that can be controlled via voice give seniors a human-like navigator to converse with and seek guidance from, without fiddling with any technology while driving. You can check out this list of the best GPS apps for seniors to learn more. 

4. Voice-Activated Home Assistants

Smart homes are becoming more advanced by the day and many large companies like Google and Amazon are competing for their share of the rapidly emerging voice-active digital home assistant market. Within the next decade, seniors will be able to control literally every aspect of their home through voice commands. This completely eliminates the need to use any kind of remote control, app or another technological interface, which many seniors have an aversion to using. 

5. Home Security Systems

Senior wellbeing isn’t just about mobility and convenience, it’s also about feeling safe and secure in your own home. Home surveillance systems used to be difficult to install, but nowadays seniors can even DIY their home security system using an app and a few cheap cameras. There are also fully managed and automated solutions that are geared towards seniors. Check out a few reviews of the best home security systems for seniors to learn more about that. 

Seniors Have it Easier Than Ever Before

Ultimately, technology gives seniors many abilities that they wouldn't have otherwise, Take the mobility scooter as an example. There is no feasible way for a senior to safely move around as swiftly and precisely as they can on a scooter. The smart home is the same as the idea of opening all the windows manually can seem daunting for a lone senior, whereas anyone can press a button in an app. 

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