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Best Exercises for Wrist Pain

Do you struggle to manage everyday tasks due to pain in wrist and thumb? Pain-free wrists don't have to be the stuff of fantasy; mobility exercises can help to improve range of motion and relieve painful inflammation.

The Quest for Wrist Pain

Most people never realize how much they rely upon a full range of motion and pain-free wrists until they begin to experience difficulties. While rest is the best cure for occasional pain and discomfort as a temporary result of overexertion, ongoing pain is a warning sign you should consult with a medical professional. In the meantime, these stretches can help.

Basic Wrist Stretches and Exercises

Sit down at a table, resting your elbow and arm on the table with your wrist hanging over the side, palm up. Begin with your hand in a neutral position, bending your hand toward you so your fingers point to the ceiling. Hold this position for five seconds, then return to a neutral position before bending your hand away from you, fingers pointing down to the floor. Again, hold for five seconds before returning to a neutral position; repeat ten times. 

A quick and easy exercise you can do anywhere to stretch and relieve tension in the hands and wrists is to touch the tip of each finger, one at a time, to the tip of your thumb to create an "O" shape. Repeat whenever your hands and wrists feel tight or uncomfortable.

Another way to ease wrist pain is to straighten your arm in front of you, flexing your wrist with your palm facing out and fingers pointing toward the floor. Use the opposite hand to gently pull your fingers backward and toward your body. Hold for thirty seconds, gradually increasing pressure until you feel a comfortable stretch. Release, and repeat with the opposite hand.

To stretch your wrists, fingers, arms and upper back at the same time, interlace your fingers behind your back, straightening your arms. lifting up and away from your body. Hold for thirty seconds, release and shake your wrists out for five seconds. 

These exercises can be helpful for many people suffering from occasional wrist pain, but what should you do when pain is frequent enough to interfere with your daily life? 

Maintaining Wrist Pain Relief

Exercises and stretches can help to relieve discomfort, but they may not be enough if there's an underlying injury or medical condition causing your pain. Chiropractors can be particularly valuable in this regard, as they provide prescription- and surgery-free solutions for chronic pain throughout the body, not just the spine. 

An experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor can provide relief through adjustments, personalized exercise plans and a host of other interventions that can provide pain-free wrists without surgical or prescription intervention. The best exercises for pain-free wrists are those recommended by a healthcare provider with a deep understanding of chronic pain, the musculoskeletal system and the far-reaching role of the spine in pain throughout the body. 

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