Everything You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Travel Insurance | HealthSoul

Travel insurance policies can be difficult to get right, particularly as there are a number of elements to consider before choosing a policy. But with a number of leading providers allowing your single trip or annual contracts, anyone that loves to travel can do so with peace of mind at all times. With some insurers providing more insurance coverage than others, it is important to research to ensure you have the best possible policy for your personal needs. In this article, we will be providing you with a guide on everything that you need to know before traveling, regardless of where you are traveling to or who you are traveling with.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover? 

A number of policies on the market will allow you to be covered for injury and illness as well as a missed connection or an unexpected terror attack. If your trip is canceled for any of these reasons or illness occurs, you are then entitled to be reimbursed for the cost of plane tickets and other un refundable elements. Though this can differ depending on the provider that you are looking to have a policy with, it is important to ensure that you are covered for the length of your trip.

How Can It Cover You Overseas? 

In addition to what the insurance cover provides, it is important to note that some providers will only cover you in the UK unless you opt for international cover. Therefore, it is important to conduct research on a number of different companies as they will provide you with a price that works for you with the right level of coverage that you need. This is important, particularly if you are traveling for an extended period as you never know when you may need to use your insurance policy.

What To Look For In A Policy 

When organizing a policy, it is important to ensure that you are covered for every event. Whether this is medication, sudden hospitalization or even a sudden cancellation of flights as this can lead to you losing money in the long term. Though this can take time to find a policy that works for you, this will help to keep you as protected as possible every single time you travel allowing you to enjoy your trip, regardless of the location that you end up traveling to or who you are traveling with.

Does It Cover Me With Past Medical History? 

Though it may cost you more in the long term, travel insurance that covers your medical history will help you to travel freely and is out there. However, it is important that you relay any pass medical history onto the insurer even if your medical condition is under control. However, if you have a medical condition that has been under control for some time, you may not face any additional charges, however, it is essential to note that these are documented as this can lead to the price becoming significantly higher following you disclosing this information.

Is an Ehic and travel insurance the same? 

When looking into travel insurance, it is important to note that the e111 card application and travel insurance are not the same things. Travel insurance will cover you for any unexpected cancellations, whilst an EHIC will only allow you to be covered for medical care should you need it. Though an EHIC card may not cover all the costs of medical treatments, this will help to ensure that you and your family have the medical care that is needed to keep you covered over time.

What happens to my cover after brexit? 

Though this is not yet finalized there are many that are expecting medical insurance to be disrupted during the Brexit changeover. With many delays expected during this time, it may be worth talking to your insurer before you decide to travel to ensure that you are covered by your insurance when you choose to travel. Alternatively, you can just choose to travel before the Brexit guideline to ensure that your coverage is still in action and avoid any unnecessary stress due to disruption. Though this may be inconvenient, this will help to prevent any unexpected payments should your holiday be disrupted.

Annual or single cover? 

If you are looking to only have one trip, there is no point having the annual cover, therefore you can have a single travel cover to make sure that you have what you need without spending too much money on cover that you will not need. Though it can take time to find a single cover that will provide you with exactly what you need, this is a worthwhile investment for you in the long term as you can save money and receive the insurance that you need in no time.

Can i Cancel if i need to? 

Though the cancellation process is different depending on the lender that you have taken out a policy with, a number of them provide you with a 14-day cancellation period without a penalty. When the cancellation has been finalized, you are then able to get a refund from your provider. However, if you bought cover for a single trip, there are many insurers that may not offer you a cancellation period as the right to cancel may not apply to policies that are shorter than a month. Though this is the case with a number of insurers, it is important to check this before signing as this will ensure you are protected at all times with a period of cancellation that works for you.

With this in mind, there are a number of policies out there that can provide you with an adequate level of insurance for any trip and can be found with just a simple bit of research. Whether you are looking to travel to the United States, Europe or other parts of the UK, travel insurance is a worthwhile investment to ensure that you are as protected as possible for the length of your trip. Where will you start?