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Based on a study, falling is the leading cause of injuries in babies. It is the reason behind 67% of stroller injuries and 63% of carrier injuries.

To keep your little one from being a part of the statistics, you must provide him or her with the right baby travel system. It is something that provides the utmost safety. It also comes with features that can help take care of your baby effortlessly.

A baby travel system consists of a stroller and a car seat for your baby. As it comes as a set, the pieces are matching in terms of their appearance. In some instances, a baby travel system comes with additional car seat bases and other accessories.

More importantly, the components of a baby travel system are compatible with one another, allowing you to lug around a one-piece baby essential instead of different ones. It is why many parents, especially those who are very busy and always on the go, prefer to get their hands on baby travel systems instead of separate strollers and baby car seats.

Before you pay for a particular baby travel system for your little bundle of joy, it is a good idea to read about the experiences of parents who purchased and used the product. You can come across their thoughts in the Mommyhood101 reviews online.

Different parents have different needs. Because of this, you should look for a baby travel system that will go well with your parenting preferences and lifestyle. The product for you and your baby, too, is something that comes with the features that you deem essential. Luckily, some of the best baby travel systems these days have all of them.

Compact and Lightweight

Especially if you are always going from point A to point B with your baby, choose a baby travel system that is easy to carry around. Check that the materials are both lightweight and sturdy. Something with an aluminum frame is the way to go.

When not in use, the baby travel system should be compact enough to fit under the bed, inside the closet, behind the door, or in the car's compartment.

Trouble-Free to Unfold and Use

Being compact when folded is not enough. It is also important for the product to be easy to unfold so that you and your baby can use it without delay.

As a busy parent, there is no room for a baby travel system that is difficult to use, whether as a stroller or a baby car seat. While it is perfectly understandable that there is a learning curve involved, it is a different matter if the baby travel system seems to take up lots of time and energy each time.

Plenty of Safety Features

When it comes to buying baby products, the security of your little one should be the number one priority. It is why the safety features of a baby travel system are what you should look for when reading about it in the Mommyhood101 reviews online.

Some most important safety features that a baby travel system should have are a canopy, appropriately-sized leg holes, brakes, and a restraint system consisting of safety belts and crotch straps.

Spacious Storage Basket

No matter where you and your baby go, there are many things that you need to bring with you. It is when the importance of the availability of a storage basket comes in.

However, it is not enough for the baby travel system that you are eyeing to have a storage basket. The basket must have room to accommodate your baby's essential and some of yours, too. A storage basket with pockets and compartments is great for keeping everything organized.

Easy on the Budget

Some parents stay away from baby travel systems thinking that they carry expensive price tags. The good news is that there are several options out there with reasonable price tags. By shopping around, you can come across something that won't break the bank.

However, refrain from going for the cheapest baby travel system in the market. It is a terrible idea to try to scrimp on cash in exchange for the safety and wellbeing of your little bundle of joy.

Take Your Time When Shopping

Avoid paying for the first baby travel system that you find. Check that it has the most important features, and see to it that the parents who bought them are happy.

With all the tips mentioned above, you are ready to shop for your little one. Happy Shopping!