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Working in a hospital is already a challenge in itself. When you are dealing with human life, it can be one of the most complicated tasks you will ever do in this world. According to this page, there is a lot more risk in the medical field compared to others. If there is just one simple mistake, it can lead to a lot of complications which can lead to death. This is something that a lot of medical personnel would want to avoid at all costs. That's why they need to have the best equipment possible. You don’t have room for error when trying to save a life. Even your shoe choice as a practitioner matters 

Hospital shoes come in different shapes and sizes. There are some made just for women while others are for men and there are also unisexual options. However, what matters when making a choice is the quality of the material or item. 

Choices in Design and Quality Matters

As a hospital worker, your hospital shoes must be up to the best standards possible. Most personnel, specific nurses, need to run or walk all day in the hospital. Even though it is one of the most sanitary places in the world, it doesn’t mean slip-free. A lot of fluids like blood and alcohol can spill on the floor. Your hospital floors may have been made of antibacterial tiles, but it doesn’t stop anyone from slipping to the ground.

It is also a well-known fact that these jobs require people to work for more than 12-hour shifts. If you might think that this is not normal, then this is the baseline for these workers. If you are already working as a nurse or doctor, you know how grueling the shifts can be. Aside from the stress of dealing with patients, you also have your own which you carry around. It might be because of the job or some other personal matters. With a poor shoe choice, this can lead to disaster and there is nothing you can do about it.

Fortunately, you can improve your taste in shoes. It is time to invest in a better option because you will end up using it for a long time. You do not want to suffer while dealing with a lot of stressful situations. A not so good pair can also tire you more, making your job even harder to deal with than ever before. As mentioned before, it can also lead to accidents since you are now focusing on the pain. Not everybody can ignore that, even for heroes like medical professionals. Here’s how you can deal with the pain for a while:

Clogs: The Ultimate Choice?

Clogs: The Ultimate Choice? | HealthSoul

One of the most popular options for medical shoes are clogs. These were popularized by that crocodile brand. Ever since then, they are associated with this particular product. One of the key aspects of their shoe model is that it is easy to wear. All you have to do is just slide into it and then you already have respectable footwear. This is great for people working in the hospital because you need to save time. No one wants to get trapped on their shoelaces because they were in such a hurry to finish.

Another great thing about those particular clogs is that they are made of a compound known as EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate. In some circles, this is also known as foam rubber or simply just rubber. What make it different though is the elasticity and its durability. Even though it can melt at a certain temperature, it is not prone to any kind of damage in the same way as other materials. It is also very comfortable for the user and you will feel minimal pain while using it. When you have chosen the right size, it will also feel very roomy which makes it great for those with uneven toes or other complications.

These became very popular with the medical crowd because it is not easy to slip when using these. It is also so much easier to wear. However, they do look kind of horrible especially for those with a fashion sense. It doesn’t go anything, even a surgeon’s gown. We know that you wear it for its functionality, not its looks. It doesn’t matter if you look horrible, as long as you get the job done.

On the other hand, you will feel the awkwardness once you get out of the medical facility. People will not stare at you unless they are just inherently vitriolic. It does feel a bit uncomfortable, especially if you are going to go somewhere after your working hours. It is fine you are already traveling home. Once you go somewhere else though, that is another story.

Fortunately, there are a lot of medical shoes now which resemble sneakers. Some of them are even made by internationally-recognized brands. These can be a little overpriced though, so you can look for other options online. There are even some unknown brands that can be a lot better than the previous options in terms of comfort, functionality, and price. You just need to be resourceful in looking for them online.

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