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As humans, we always strive to be perfect. There is no other way to really live and exist in this world than to test our own potentials. Perfection is subjective and there is no strict rule as to how it will be accomplished in many aspects. Self-actualization is also used as another term for it, but it makes it more tangible. The state of being perfect is not something that we can ever reach in this life. However, as society developed, following a set of standards is our way of life. This constant pressure to improve is a state of learning that we should encourage to ourselves everyday.

Whether these standards were born out of this need for perfection or some other aspect is anybody's guess. However, one of the more well-known set of standards that is prevalent in our society is the physical perfection.

Beauty is one of the standards that society has formed because of romantic relationships. Partners tend to choose more attractive people because it is believed that they can provide healthier and better children. Even worse, some would even care more if the child is cuter like this study here. This standard of beauty has changed after centuries of existence and it is continuing to evolve up to this very day. We may not be able to reach it but it would be nice to see some improvement with ourselves.

One very important part of this beauty standard that we live through everyday is our teeth. If the hair on our heads is our crowning glory, then our teeth is the ruling scepter. It is the first thing that people will notice, especially if you use it properly. The eyes are the windows to the soul of course, but a bright smile can steal the show. There is nothing better to wear in any kind of an event (except for a funeral) than a great smile. Pearl white teeth glistening under the sunlight or ballroom fixtures will illuminate everything. Wearing a smile with confidence will always triumph a great fashion sense, although it would be best to have both.

However, not all of us are blessed with that kind of star-studded teeth. Some of us had to suffer from poor misaligned teeth since we were children. It probably didn’t help that we love our candies and chocolates. Soda and many other drinks have enough sugar to give children diabetes and it doesn’t contribute to our teeth’s help. There are also cases for adults who experienced an accident and lost a tooth or two. There is nothing wrong with these cases, but who wants to have that kind of teeth forever? If you have the chance to change it, there is something you can always do. Read more about sugar and teeth here:

Dentistry is one of the oldest branches of medicine. Even in the days of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, dental health is very important especially for the affluent citizens. However, most of them believed that toothache is caused by worms living in the mouth. Other applications of dentistry were used as punishment. In the Code of Hammurabi, for example, there is one punishment that would remove the teeth of the perpetrator. In modern days, some places in the world also group up dentistry with oral health. It now concerns the mouth, gums up to the throat.

However, there is one branch that is always forgotten in the oral health community: cosmetic dentistry. Specialists in this kind of profession focus more on beautifying your dentures. There are so many services they can offer you and they are all around the world. They might be even in the neighborhood. Try checking out The Dental Room in Melbourne and other cosmetic dentistry sites so that they can help you. Now here are the most common services for cosmetic dentistry:

  1. Whitening

If there is one thing that people want to copy from celebrities, it is their perfect set of white teeth. Most of them didn’t have those growing up. Even celebrities like Chris Hemsworth had a lot of gaps between his teeth when he was a teenager. Now look at his full Asgardian glory and that killer smile just completes everything. Whitening is considered as one of the most popular operations for cosmetic dentists because it can be used on almost anyone. However, the doctor will still evaluate whether your teeth can be bleached or another procedure might be needed.

There are so many ways you can bleach teeth into whiteness like laser. Although many dentists would actually consider an off-white color to be the healthiest, people still strive to have that perfect white.Click here to learn more about it. Over the counter products are also available like whitening toothpastes. However, we do still recommend for you to go to a specialist before undergoing a whitening procedure.

  1. Straightening

Straightening is another procedure that is also partnered with bleaching. Almost everybody wants to have that perfectly aligned white choppers. There are many procedures that can accomplish this feat. One of the most common methods is bracing or attaching metal wires to the teeth and gums to force the teeth to align. This can be very uncomfortable and painful but it will pass. Some even just live through it for many years. It is rather effective although it does take a lot of time before you will see any kind of improvement.

Surgery is also possible depending on the extent of damage or severity of the teeth alignment. Invisalign is another option people can take to straighten their choppers. It takes a shorter period of time to see the effects without the pain or surgery.

  1. Veneers

Another popular option to beautify the teeth is attaching a veneer implant to the teeth. These very thin laminates are usually made by measuring the tooth and gums before application. It attaches to the teeth and nearby gums, creating a thin covering that protects the tooth and changes its shape. It is also used to fill in gaps whether because by accident or natural means. It also whitens the teeth and reinforces its protection from food and other tooth hazards.


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