CBG — Another Remedy for Anxiety and Stress | A Hoax or The Truth?

CBG — Another Remedy for Anxiety and Stress | HealthSoul

Jam-packed with wonder-ingredients, the hemp plant is a gold mine of cannabinoids, offering a wide range of unique health benefits. Since people have started to fully acknowledge the hidden potential of CBD, it is time to move on to something relatively unexplored but equally beneficial — CBG or cannabigerol.

CBG’s popularity is gaining momentum, mainly because people are now less reluctant to accept such products. All thanks to the years of studies and research on the medicinal use of CBD products. But now the question is can we also rely on cannabigerols in treating agonizing health issues like stress disorders, depression, and anxiety? Let’s find out.

Understanding CBG — What is CBG Oil?

Even though it mirrors the much popular CBD, not many understand the product completely. So, what is CBG oil? And how different is it from the rest of the hemp-driven compounds?

The cannabis plant is a storehouse of phytocannabinoids and CBG is one of them. It may not be as abundant as CBD (cannabidiol) or THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but their pharmacological benefits do overlap. The scarcity, however, has been a mammoth hurdle in fully studying the compound.

You may have heard it called a precursor to other cannabis ingredients. That’s because acidic CBG or CBG-A when disintegrates, gives birth to CBC, THC, CBD, and CBG.

As you might have already guessed, CBG oil is similar to CBD oil, offering a feasible way of consumption — not to mention, it can also be found as both broad- and full-spectrum. To enhance the product’s remedial properties, some manufactures use one-part CBG and one part CBD oil, which works as a magical elixir for treating various ailments.

How to Consume? — Oil tinctures are usually consumed by placing them under the tongue, where they are absorbed quickly and enter the bloodstream. This also helps in increasing the overall bioavailability of the material, making it produce better and long-lasting results.

Is It Any Good for Anxiety and Stress?

CBG has reportedly shown positive results in this area. It has been proven to be a reliable remedy for anxiety of all mild forms, including social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. The patients feel more relaxed, calmed, focused after CBG consumption, and this state of tranquility eliminates anxiety to some degree.

In addition to that, the compound helps your muscles relax, which is a great way to calm a stressful person. You can also use it regularly to improve your energy levels to enjoy a sudden surge of positive aura that will surround you for the rest of your day.

How Does It Alleviate Anxiety and Stress?

To understand how CBG works, we must dive deep into our bodies’ endocannabinoid system — an intricate receptor-network that regulates our bodily functions such as appetite, pain, and sleep. The system, under normal conditions, is well-equipped to minimize anxiety and stress of all kinds.

However, when the immune system functionality fluctuates, it gets challenging to suppress these negative feelings. Unable to hold them back, your body eventually caves into these overwhelming emotions and thoughts. That’s where CBG can help restore the normal functions of this system and help the receptors in carrying on the bodily functions without lagging.

Even in normal conditions, CBG can boost performance, allowing the person to feel a much higher state of ease. It triggers an active response in the body that fights stress and anxiety, preventing them from leaving adverse effects physically and mentally.

Does CBG Oil Get You High?

Not everybody is a fan of getting high, especially when treating a medical condition. Imagine you want to alleviate chronic muscle pain but ends up impairing the body and mind because of the psychoactive effects of cannabinoids. Doesn’t sound like a sound way of treating an ailment, right?

CBG just like pure CBD does not impair you with the notorious high feeling, which is another reason why it is a winsome medical remedy. It resembles THC in structure but differs in providing benefits. Although THC is a great compound for enjoying therapeutic effects, it makes you high, causing your senses to go somewhat numb. So, if you want to enjoy similar effects without suffering from the psychoactive effects, CBG is what we highly recommend.

Where Does Medical Research Stand in This Matter?

Although the product has been known to man for many years, there isn’t much medical research in this area. That’s probably because it is found in a scarce amount compared to other cannabinoids, making it challenging to extract and test on a large scale.

However, many generalized studies on hemp-driven ingredients have shown that they are powerful compounds, possessing natural anti-anxiety and -stress properties. So, it is safe to assume that CBG, being a member of that family, is packed with the same benefits.

It isn’t just a hoax but a fact that CBG is effective at treating persistent stress and mind-altering anxiety for good. More research is needed to understand and explore the compound so that it can gain the same status as CBD.