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The main reason why cannabis has gained a lot of medical attention today is because of its potent compound called CBD. Experts say that both hemp and marijuana contain this compound among many others, with the former having more. CBD is commonly extracted from cannabis plants using either CO2 or solvents.

There are many health benefits to using CBD including relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation, and promoting sleep, among others. For now, let us focus on how CBD is used for the skin, especially sunburns.

What Are Sunburns and How Do They Occur?

Sunburns are caused by ultraviolet rays. When people stay outdoors for a long time without protection, the sun's rays strike hard on the skin, causing red patches that are painful and sometimes swollen.

Beach sunbathing is the common cause, although activities like hiking in the desert or standing outdoors for too long might cause them. People try all sorts of treatments that use different technologies to protect the skin.

Today, scientists have shown that CBD takes good care of the skin when sunburns have already occurred. Read on to learn more.

How CBD Treats Sunburns

Currently, research is ongoing to clearly understand how CBD works to benefit the skin. But even as this is happening, there is a lot that is known about CBD and the skin. So, you can confidently visit Berkshire CBD online to buy CBD flower strains, CBD oil, or CBD extract to use on your skin. If you have suffered sunburns, this is how it will help you.

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  • Relief from inflammation - As soon as the sunburns affect the skin, inflammation will start. The cells around the surface of the skin start to swell, and if it does not stop, the glands around the armpits and the neck might swell as well. CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent that relieves the skin from this condition effectively. Research shows that people who use it frequently after getting sunburns to enjoy faster healing.

  • Pain relief - Sunburns can be painful and uncomfortable, especially if it is your first time. All you need is to get a solution quickly. CBD takes care of pain in the body faster than many painkillers. The good thing is that it is not addictive like opioids. However, it is recommended to get a doctor’s recommendation to know the right dose for you.


CBD is not the only solution that is proposed to deal with sunburns. Aloe vera, olive oil, and moisturizers are great solutions too. Hence, CBD is often induced in products containing the mentioned ingredients or even more. It has been found that it works excellently with other products without causing any side effects. So, when buying your sunburn lotions and gels, it is good to check the active ingredients to ensure that CBD is one of them.

Well, now you know how CBD helps the skin after it is exposed to ultraviolet rays. You can read more to get more details on how to prevent sunburns in the first place. As you know, prevention is better than cure.

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