7 Ways That People Can Consume CBD and THC in 2021

7 Ways That People Can Consume CBD and THC in 2021| HealthSoul

THC [tetrahydrocannabinol] and CBD [cannabidiol] are two of the Cannabis plant’s primary components. The former is psychoactive and produces a ‘high’ while the latter is non-psychoactive and is used as herbal medicine. Thanks to the widespread legalization of Cannabis and scientific innovation, there are many ways that Cannabis users can consume these two cannabinoids. Some choose to vape them, while others consume them in edible form.

In this article, you will find seven of the most common ways that people choose to consume CBD and THC in 2021:


The most obvious and most common way of consuming Cannabis and by extension these compounds is smoking. However, smoking Cannabis is not as straightforward as it might seem. There are lots of things smokers need to take into consideration before investing in dried Cannabis. They need to check out Cannabis product reviews, in order to ensure that they are getting the best deal and good product; they need to find out whether the Cannabis is organic; they need to find out if the Cannabis is Indica or Sativa, and finally, they need to find out what the Cannabis’s THC and CBD content are.

Smoking Cannabis isn’t the only way that it can be consumed these days, however, so if you’re a user, you do have options.


Edibles are extremely popular these days, especially amongst Cannabis users with a sweet tooth. You can make your own edibles, or you can buy them already made. One thing to remember before consuming edibles is that they can produce a high that’s very different from a typical Cannabis high. Some have gone as far as to say that edible highs are more similar to the highs produced by psychedelic drugs than Cannabis. You need to be very careful with your dose measurements for this reason.


In addition to edibles, Cannabis can be found in capsule form. These capsules contain either Cannabis-derived oils or powders. The most common ingredient in these capsules is CBD, which is used as a health product. With that said, you can also find capsules that contain THC, which can be used to get high. Capsules are a great option for people who want to take Cannabis regularly but don’t want to smoke or eat snacks. Capsules are discreet and can be carried around in a pocket-sized container.


THC can also be found in powder form. THC powder is typically added to water and dissolved. When dissolved, it becomes almost edible. Over the course of the day, you can re-dose by simply drinking from your water bottle. The powder is an extremely discreet method of consuming THC that’s perfect for if you want to get high at work or college. Make sure to carefully measure your dosage before adding it to water, however. You can also add THC powder to sugary drinks and energy drinks, although it’s advisable that you don’t. It works best when added to water.


You can also buy trans-dermal patches that you apply to your skin. Over the course of the week, these patches release cannabinoids into your body. These are best for people who want to use Cannabis for its health benefits. While rare, side effects can occur with these. Before applying them, it’s recommended that you talk to your doctor. They are not used for getting high, despite their Cannabis content. These patches most often contain very high amounts of CBD. Patches cannot usually be purchased from private vendors, and instead, need to be prescribed by a doctor and collected from a pharmacy.


Like we mentioned in this article’s introduction, vapes are a very popular way of consuming Cannabis. Vaping removes the need to smoke Cannabis, but still produces the same effect. If you already vape because you want to quit smoking, or you just enjoy it, then vaping Cannabis is a great alternative to traditional Cannabis smoking. Another advantage of vaping is that it is discreet. While you can’t mask that you are vaping something, Cannabis vapes don’t produce a detectable smell. This will allow you to go about your day in public, re-dosing when necessary.


Oils are also a very popular way of consuming Cannabis, particularly CBD. Oils as you might imagine are purchased in little vials with droppers. Over the course of the day, you add drops under your tongue. You can find oils that contain THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. These are called full-spectrum oils.

Cannabis is one of the world’s most popular recreational drugs. It also has a lot of advantages for the healthcare industry, being that it can be used to treat anxiety, cancer, and stress disorders. If you’re going to use Cannabis, make sure that you use this article and find the method that’s perfect for you.