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Your skin shows what kind of lifestyle you’re leading if you’re getting enough sleep or not and whether you’re spending too much time in the sun. You should start with a skincare routine when you’re young, around 24-28 years of age, and adapt the skincare routine as you get older and your features change. However, these golden rules below work for every age group. If you want to be showered with compliments for your youthful look, check out our 7 simple tips below.

No Smoking Allowed

If you're a passionate smoker, you should know that smoking ruins the quality of your skin and teeth. Smoking is one of the main reasons for premature aging and it speeds up the loss of collagen, which represents a basis for tight and firm skin. Excessive smoking has a negative effect on the skin’s elasticity and texture. 

No Makeup in Bed

Don’t be too lazy when you need to take off your makeup before bed. Not taking good care of your skin will lead to breakouts and redness on your face. Quite often, after these inflammation processes in the skin are gone, they leave scars, blemishes, or cause hyperpigmentation. When you go to sleep with makeup on, it can clog your pores and make your complexion uneven. 

Get Enough Sleep

If you aren’t sleeping well, the tiredness will not only affect your body but also your skin. Dark circles around your eyes, puffy eyes and sagging skin are all consequences of poor sleeping hygiene. It’s hard for cells to regenerate and heal faster when you don’t get optimal 8 hours of sleep. If you’re stressed and nervous throughout the day, it can cause your cortisol hormone levels to rise, which can reduce collagen production. The human growth hormone is released during sleep, and this is also a hormone that affects the collagen levels in your body. 

Dermal Fillers

Unfortunately, you can’t “undo” wrinkles. They are with you to stay. However, you can make these fine lines or wrinkles less visible with the aid of dermal fillers. The fillers tighten the skin and make it less prone to sagging or wrinkling. Your post-dermal fillers skin care will help you maintain the results longer and keep the youthful look long after the treatment is done. Aftercare is all about eating healthy, drinking enough water, and getting on a sleep schedule.


A high-quality moisturizer will keep your cells hydrated and it will give your skin a refreshed look. After you apply moisturizer, let it stay on your skin for a couple of minutes for it to penetrate the skin’s layers more easily and moisturize it from the inside. The rule is that sunscreen with zinc is the final product to use in your skincare routine. 

Face Massage

Whether you go to a professional, or use a face roller, massaging your skin improves your blood circulation, releases the muscle tension and decreases puffiness. Different facial massage techniques can lift your skin and have an anti-aging effect on the skin of your neck and face. A face massage won’t change the structure of your face, but it can make your face appear visually slimmer and less swollen. 

Healthy Diet

Nowadays, junk food contains a lot of food preservatives, artificial coloring, and processed chemicals. Depending on your skin type, consuming these ingredients is bad for your overall health and can even result in allergies, hormonal changes, and weight gain. Eating food rich in nutrients and vitamins, such as fruit, vegetables, oily fish and nuts can make your skin glowy, radiant, and healthy-looking. Replace processed foods with avocado, walnuts, broccoli, and fatty fish for a healthier appearance. 

Even though your skincare routine might change as you get older, sunscreen with zinc and a high SPF is the number one tip for protecting the skin of your entire body. What are your tips for stunning skin? Share with us your tips and tricks in the comments below!



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