5 Essential Factors You Must Consider When Buying Cannabis Edibles

5 Essential Factors You Must Consider When Buying Cannabis Edibles | HealthSoul

There is no denying that taking cannabis edibles, or simply edibles, is a convenient and tasty way of consuming marijuana. However, this feature has led to an influx of brands making edibles, making it overwhelming to choose the right cannabis edibles to buy. This article will help you in the process by outlining the five factors you should consider. They are as follows:

1. Ingredients

First, you must consider and check the ingredients used to make the products. Doing so is essential because some unscrupulous manufacturers use synthetic cannabis to mimic THC effects. Such ingredients pose the danger of seizures, vomiting, and rapid heartbeat. It’d be best to buy edibles like Delta 8 gummies made from natural, US-grown cannabis. This is important because the Farm Bill 2018 requires cannabis from which the products are made to contain less than 0.3% THC. Such ingredients are also high quality and organic due to organic farm inputs. They are also gluten-free.

2. Third-party lab test

It’s also essential to consider if the product underwent a third-party lab test. This process is crucial because it determines the product’s purity. In addition, it checks if the product contains pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents from the extraction process. Therefore, it’d be best to check the claim and verify it using the certificate of analysis (COA) that reputable manufacturers often publish on their websites.

3. Potency

The potency, which is the concentration of a substance in your edibles, determines the outcome of its use. Therefore, when choosing, you must also consider the potency depending on your experience level and tolerance. A higher potency is ideal for experienced users who have a high tolerance. It’d be best to start with low-potent edibles and gradually increase as you get used to the effects. Failure to do so might affect your experience due to the overwhelming impacts, such as lightheadedness and altered perception.

4. Terpenes 

Terpenes are also an essential factor you must consider as they affect the edible’s aroma and effects. Some manufacturers add limonene terpene with a lemon-like aroma and stress-relieving and mood-boosting effects. Other terpenes profiles, like myrcene which has an earthy aroma with anti-inflammatory effects, are also used. Pinene terpenes with a piney aroma with memory-enhancing effects are also a common natural flavor addition. Ensure that the product doesn’t contain any artificial flavor.

5. Legal Requirements 

Lastly, you must consider the legal requirements when buying edibles like Delta 8 gummies. This factor is essential because possessing or using delta-8 THC products in Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Colorado, Delaware, New York, North Dakota, Utah, and Montana is still illegal. Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Rhode Island are other states where it’s illegal to use such edibles. However, these laws continuously change, hence the need for frequent updates. All in all, ensure that you aren’t breaking the law by choosing an edible.


The popularity of cannabis products like edibles has increased recently due to decriminalization and the convenience of this intake method. However, the popularity attracted many manufacturers who have flooded the market with the products. Therefore, it’d be best to consider the factors you have read here as you choose your edibles for safety purposes.